Hi my house is in the hills and my property is on an extreme slope of about 40 degrees. the slope is higher in the back, and that is where I have a problem. Along the back of the house there is a flat walkway just over a metre wide. Then there is a retaining wall that is about 1.5 metres high. I know that against the wall I should have a drain. But how do I make sure that any water that flows onto the walkway drains into the drain and not under the house? The house is a weatherboard cottage on stumps. how do I resolve the walkway to the back side of the house? Currently it is a mess of dirt and broken concrete and bricks. I also want to stop any leaf litter from going under the house.

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Hi Gustav,

We strongly suggest you get an engineer’s report as you may already have issues with your foundations or access to public use of the walkway (yourselves and visitors) that you are not aware of. Don’t rely on sending a couple of pictures to someone over the internet. Your situation needs to be viewed in a broader context.

You may also have an issue with public liability and insurance with your dwelling, if these works are not up to an acceptable standard.

If there is any previous paperwork that you (or a previous owner) might have lodged with the council at the time of the original development, it would be handy to obtain and reference.

Drainage is quite a skilled operation and if you need to get any remedial work done, we suggest you cast the web wide to find an individual person or (plumbing) company who will take a genuine interest in finding you a solution.

The BUILD team


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