Easy Tips on How to Class Up Your Living Room

05 September 2021

It is easy to turn your living room into something magical.

If you think you need tons of money to tip your living room up the luxurious side of the scale, you are mistaken. Though money can make your house classy, you don’t need much money to make your home rise up in comfort and style.  Here are some easy tips we’ve compiled from industry experts in interior design, our own experience and what we uncovered through countless hours of surfing the internet. 

We all love to shop for new clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, but what about what we don’t see as often as our apparel? Often, our homes are neglected when it comes to decorating, which is a real shame. Just because we don’t see our flooring or walls as often as we do our clothing doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put as much effort and thought into them as we do everything else. Home is where we spend most of our time, and we should treat it as we treat ourselves – with care and love, and sometimes with a bit of style.

Here are some tips on how to easily improve your living room.

Add light to your living room.

A natural lighting experience captured in a featured image from

 Light, especially sunlight, will turn a room from gloomy to lively. If your living room seems to have that sad vibe, maybe a little more light will do the trick. If there are spaces in your living room, you can have a new window made with shutters and blinds to add more light to your rooms. If you are living in a suburban area, then adding a few windows will fit in nicely. If you’re in an urban area where space is sparse, then removing anything that will block the light might do the trick. Try changing your window design, where light can freely come inside your home. You can also opt to use shutters instead of curtains. 

Add nature to your living room.

Greens give a contrast to the eyes.

 Green is one of the colours that relaxes the eyes. Adding nature, i.e. plants inside your living room with help improve the overall ambience of your home. There are many indoor plants you can choose from, and the best thing is that it’s not expensive. Just choose pots and vases that agree with the motif of your room, and you’re good to go. Light blue, green and brown will go well with light coloured walls. It will add contrast that is easy for the eyes. 

Rearrange things in your room

 Simple rearrangements in your home will go a long way alongside blending colours and patterns already present in your living room. You should clear the clutter and preferably reduce the number of things in your room. You need to give the appearance of space in your living room to look bigger and spacious. Adding new furniture is an option, especially if you plan to makeover full-on, but if you’re tight on budget, a simple rearrangement will do the trick.

Do some minor repainting.

Painting with complementing hues makes all the difference

If you’re using wallpapers, then a new colour and design will immediately give a good, fresh effect in your living room. If you don’t use wallpapers, a new coat of paint will surely improve your home’s ambience. When choosing colours, it should be determined by the amount of light that comes into your home. A light coloured coat will make your home brighter, livelier and happier. A dark coloured coat will give your living room an exclusive, private feel, which is best for offices, and rooms not intended for many guests. 

Add subtle, new and fresh decorations.

 You don’t need to go all out in decor and design just to make your living room look elegant and nice. When needed, you just need to be strategic in your design and add decorations to crucial parts of your living room. You can add a new floral arrangement on your walls or a new wallpaper pattern that represents your style. However, the key here is not to over decorate your living room. Make sure that you decorate with purpose and that anything you add to your room has a definite meaning and rationale. 

Add sections in your living room.

 When we mean sections, these are areas in your living room that will attract attention. You can have a mini-gallery in one part of your room, with a wall that has a different style and pattern. You can opt to design yourself or hire a renovation team to create these sections. However, it will cost you a considerable amount of cash to hire people and do the work. So, it’s best to find styles that you can make on your own or with family members or friends. 

Add a huge door to your living room.

Sliding doors merges your indoor design with the great outdoors

You can also ditch one of the walls in your living room and replace it with a sliding door or a sliding window with shutters and blinds. The amount of light that you will let in will make your room look bigger. Also, large windows are a renovation technique that will improve the ambience of your home. Sunlight has such an uplifting feeling that it will enhance your living room’s mood and feel if you let in a nice amount. You will feel more comfortable in your home, especially during the cold season where sunlight has soothing effects.

Add a new flooring to your living room.


A new design for a floor does a lot to help a living room feel luxurious. The floor is the base of any room, so it’s a good idea to have lovely flooring. But sometimes, it’s easy to get bored with the same old designs, colours, and styles. Luckily, you can find a lot of inspiration from the world of art and design, and your living room is a great place to start. If you’re having trouble thinking of a new design, here are a few ideas to get you started.


So, we hope we've given you some inspiration for how you can class up your living room without spending a ton of cash on renovations and buying new furniture. This free and easy living room makeover can transform any living space in your home and make it great for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Start making over your living room today!


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