EcoSmart Fire releases eco-friendly, energy-efficient bioethanol fireplaces

23 May 2023

EcoSmart Fire has released a number of new models of ethanol-fuelled fires that are energy efficient, eco-friendly and can be used for indoor or outdoor spaces.

“We love firing up our imaginations and listening to design professionals and consumers, which helps us create exciting new models and set new trends,” MAD Design group director, whose brand portfolio includes EcoSmart Fire, Stephane Thomas says.

“Our new low-maintenance creations are the perfect ingredients for illuminating and creating warmth and ambience in a range of settings. Gathering around a fire is one of life’s simple pleasures and our fires are designed to take centre stage, year-round.

“We have an uncompromising focus on style, creating fires with function and form that are energy efficient and kind to the environment. We are very excited about these new additions and know they’ll fit easily into a variety of interiors and alfresco spaces for year-round enjoyment.”

Introducing EcoSmart’s new bioethanol fires

Chaser 38

Chaser 38 a classic yet contemporary bioethanol fire pit designed for outdoor and indoor settings. This minimal design, geometric-shaped fireplace is crafted from durable fluid concrete, which means it can withstand external environments.

A functional piece of fire furniture, Chaser 38 makes a perfect side or coffee table with an ample ‘lip’ for drinks or small plates. It’s also designed to accommodate two alternative glass fire screens depending on where it’s placed, which further enhances its versatility.

POP Series

As its name suggests, POP Series retro-futuristic statement fires are designed to add a pop of fun and colour to indoor or outdoor rooms. Available in four heights and a variety of vibrant colours, or a custom colour to suit decor needs, these clean-burning fireplaces are made from high-quality powder-coated stainless steel.

With their slender bodies, eye-catching round burner with cylindrical glass surrounds and a ‘negative space’ underneath that serves as a space for decorative items, the POP provides bold style, warmth and colour to myriad architectural environments.

Pillar Series

A modern-industrial-style piece of indoor fire furniture, Pillar EcoSmart Fires combine different textural elements to bring a warm and inviting feel to a room, while adding depth and dimension.

Their glam versatile floor or side lamp-like aesthetic and ventless design make them the perfect ethanol fireplace solution for decorating a loft, home, inner-city apartment or condo.

T-Lite Series

A simple yet elegant tealight candle-inspired fire, the cylindrical-shaped series is designed to bring a warm ambiance to any outdoor or indoor setting.

Available in two sizes, these trans-seasonal ethanol fires are crafted from weather-resistant materials including stainless steel and toughened glass surrounding the burner, enabling 360-degree viewing of the dancing flame.


Orbit is an ultramodern elevated ethanol fire that delivers an ‘orbital’ 360-degree flame and creates a stunning focal point enjoyed from many angles.

Made from long-lasting, low-impact materials and fuelled by clean-burning eNRG ethanol, this portable indoor fire quickly captures attention and makes a bold decor statement.


Be is a sleek and slender ethanol fire with two viewing sides which offers a range of design possibilities for indoor or covered outdoor settings. A clean-lined corner fireplace creation, this portable fire can be positioned to appear as though it’s blending into walls.

Featuring a long, column-style design with open top and 90-degree glass panel, this fire features a tall, fully enclosed flame, immediately commanding attention wherever it’s placed.

Be is a unique, versatile fireplace that’s perfect for smaller residential or retail spaces and for those with small children, pets and who are wanting further peace of mind.

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