Electrical regulations

Because electricity can be so dangerous if it's not handled properly, there are some pretty strict rules and regulations for how things can be installed here in Australia. Likewise, electrical work's not something that just anyone can do - and there's only a very limited number of things you're allowed to do on your own.

Check out the articles below for a better idea of how things should be installed, why they need to be installed that way, and when you're likely to need to call in an electrician.

When do I need an electrician?

Installation work? Maintenance work? Need something replaced or upgraded? Find out what kinds of work electricians do, and when you need to call one.

How to choose an electrician

How to choose an electrician

There's not much electrical work you're legally allowed to do for yourself in Australia. Find out when you need to hire an electrician, and how to find the right one.

Safety certificates for electrical work

For all work done by an electrician in Australia, you should obtain an electrical compliance certificate. Find out what a compliance certificate is, how it works and why you need one.

Distance between water and power points

Regulations in Australia restrict where you're able to position power points in relation to sinks and taps. Find out what the rules say, and how far your power points will need to be from your kitchen sink.

Height and position of power points

Regulations exist in Australia to ensure that power points (or GPOs) are installed safely and sensibly. Learn more about where power points should be installed.

Safety switch laws and requirements

The law in Australia now requires that all homes be fitted with safety switches (also called residual current devices or RCDs). Learn more about why, and how they work.

Outdoor fittings and cabling

Electrical systems installed outside may be exposed to the elements, so it's vital that appropriately weatherproofed equipment is used. Find out what the law says about outdoor electrical fittings.

Solar panel designer / installer accreditation and warranty support

In Australia, there are certain laws and regulations that exist to ensure that only accredited tradespeople do certain parts of an installation. Find out who needs to install your solar system, and why.

Rebates for solar panels

State and federal governments currently offer significant rebates for solar electricity installations. Find out how these are regulated, how the rebates work, and what you're entitled to.

Appliance testing and tagging

Under certain circumstances, portable appliances in homes need to be tested and tagged to ensure that they don't pose an electrical safety risk. Find out when testing and tagging must be carried out.