Electrical rough in tolerances

We are having our first home built in QLD, and I am concerned about the way the electrical wiring has been put in our home. We have electrical wires that span across the frame in some parts of the house, and none of the wiring appears to run along the frames (as I have seen in other constructions). Is this safe and within tolerances for QLD? I m concerned if I decide to put a nail in the plaster post handover that I will hit an electrical wire floating in the wall. Advice please.

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Bridget Gonzalez

Hi Bridget,

We contacted the Queensland branch of Laser Group Australia and showed them your photo. They had the following response.

"This is a normal practice on a domestic pre-wire. We have had some jobs where it is spec to pre-wire 'vertical' only at an extra cost! This is rare though. The AS3000 wiring rules state if the circuit is protected by a safety switch this wiring method is fine. If it is a circuit not on a Safety Switch (i.e. A/C Circuit) then there is a minimum depth required for fixings etc."

If you still have concerns about the installation it would be best to contact the local Queensland electrical regulator for their opinion.

We hope this helps!

The BUILD team.