Energy efficient heating

Different heaters produce different levels and types of heat, but they also consume different types of fuels. A good heating setup can cost very little to run, and will have little or no carbon footprint. A poorly thought out heating setup, on the other hand, will cost you a bomb and produce far more CO2 emissions than most of us would like to be responsible for.

Which heaters are most energy efficient?

There are many different types of heaters, and many different sorts of fuels you can use to heat your home. Find out how each compares in terms of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is passive design?

What is passive design?

Ever noticed that some houses are cooler or warmer than others without relying heavily on powered cooling or heating devices? This usually comes down to clever design...

Heat loss through windows

Tremendous amounts of heat are lost through windows. Find out how the right windows, thermal curtains and pelmets can make your heating more efficient.

Insulation and climate control

Artificially cooling an area depends heavily on how well you can keep heat out of it. Good insulation is vital to ensuring that your house remains cool.