Energy efficient hot water systems

The hot water system you choose will make a huge difference to how much energy you use. An inefficient tank storage hot water system, for example, uses a lot of electricity - which can contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, and to your power bills.Read on to find out how electric, gas, heat pump, geothermal and solar hot water systems stack up in terms of energy efficiency, and what's likely to be your best option.

Energy efficiency labels

Energy efficiency ratings for hot water

Hot water systems can chew through a lot of energy - and as a result these days they come with energy efficiency ratings to help you understand how best to choose the most efficient model.

Efficiency of different hot water systems

Phase-out of electric tank hot water systems

Electric tank storage hot water systems are notorious for the amount of greenhouse emissions they're responsible for. As a result, they're now being phased out throughout Australia.

Hot water systems

Which hot water systems are most efficient?

The wrong hot water system can easily account for the lion's share of your electricity consumption. In fact, electric tank systems are being phased out. Find out how different systems compare in terms of efficiency.

Pipe lagging

Lagging and heat loss

See how lagging (insulation) and the distance that hot water has to travel through your pipes can affect energy efficiency in your hot water system.