Energy management

Electricity's the juice on which so many of our favourite things run these days. Lights, heating and cooling, computers, microwaves, refrigerators... And while it's not always easy to make a direct connection, each little bit of electricity we use has to be generated somehow, and will also incur a cost.

Because electricity prices continue to ascend into oblivion - and because more of us are starting to generate our own electricity, energy management's becoming something of an artform. Knowing how to manage energy around your home can make a tremendous difference to your consumption, and in the process may even save you a small fortune.

Heating and cooling management

Heaters and air conditioners can easily account for most of your energy consumption if you allow them to. Find out what you can do to minimise the need for artificial heating and cooling, and to reduce your consumption.

Lighting management

Lighting design is something that often gets less attention than it should. A well designed and managed lighting scheme will use far less energy in the long term, and is also likely to be more practical and appealing.

What is a power vampire?

Power vampires cost Australians a lot of money each year. 'Power vampire' is another name for an appliance with an inefficient power supply, which uses electricity even when it's not switched on.

What is GreenPower?

Electricity you buy from an energy supplier needs to be generated somehow. For a small cost, these days you can choose whether or not you'd like some or all of it to come from renewable sources.

Common power-wasting appliances and scenarios

Certain scenarios around the house - and some appliances in particular - are notoriously inefficient. Understanding how energy's being used and avoiding waste is the most basic type of energy management.

Home automation and energy consumption

Smart home automation systems can do a great deal not only to make your home comfortable and secure, but also to ensure that your lighting, climate control and other systems are set up for maximum efficiency.

An energy management dashboard

Energy management systems

Energy management works best when you're able to see exactly how much is being consumed, and where it's being consumed. Find out what sorts of systems will help you to achieve this.