External Tiles over verandah slab

I want to lay sandstone tiles over the existing verandah slab which surrounds my 12 year old colonial style house. There is an 80 mm step down from the inside, trimmed with brick at the thresholds and visible flashing and peepholes all around the external walls which are protected by a 2 metre wide verandah. If my new tiles come up 30mm or so against this step, do I need to leave a gap so that the flashing and bottom of the weepholes are visible for inspection for dampness and termites? and if so is there a trim available to sit in this gap for safety and visual neatness, that can easily be removed when necessary?

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Elizabeth Wheatley

Hi Elizabeth,

Depends…on what the termite barrier is, and whether the slab is integral with the house slab. In principle, it is certainly best to see the base of the damp course / weepholes.

If it is a termite resistant frame /  full brick, then you can probably raise the paving height.

I wish it was as simple as saying yes or no.

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Jerry Tyrrell,
Architect, Building and Timber Pest Consultant | Tyrrells Property Inspections