Factors that impact roof restoration costs

23 May 2022

Factors that will impact the overall cost of your roof restoration:

  • The condition of your roof

The conditions of your roof are also important in determining its total cost.

If your roof is in good condition, it will be cheaper to restore than in bad condition. This is because there will be less work involved with fixing it up, which translates into lower costs for you.

  • Roof pitch

Roof pitch is measured in degrees from horizontal, as shown in the picture below. The lower the pitch (i.e. closer to 0 degrees), the easier it will be for your tradesperson to work on your roof, which means fewer labour costs for you. However, note that low-pitched roofs are far more susceptible to leaking than steeply pitched roofs and therefore need to be inspected more regularly.

  • The size and the complexity of your roof

The size and complexity of your roof is the most important factor in determining its cost.

A bigger roof will cost more to restore than a smaller one, and a more complex roof design will cost more than a simple one.

  • Roofing material

When it comes to roof restoration, the materials used play a major part in determining the overall cost. The most commonly used materials are terracotta, cement, metal and tiles.

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