Find a site for your home

Once you've got your finances more or less in order, it's time to settle on where you're going to build. There's a lot more to choosing a sensible location and a plot of land than just going with your heart though.


Being a little savvy about where you choose to buy can have a real impact not just on your comfort and quality of life, but also on how much your house appreciates over the years.

Choosing a location usually happens in two stages – firstly, choosing a particular area where you want to buy or build. Chances are you’ve already got a rough idea about this – but it pays to be a little open-minded. Sometimes broadening your search to a nearby suburb or a different street will pay off big.

The next stage is choosing a particular site, and there’s a surprising amount to take into account when you’re doing this. Things like neighbours, easements, rights of way, slopes, soil quality, council regulations, local amenities and bushfire restrictions can all differ dramatically from site to site – so doing your homework will really pay off here.

Use the articles below to help you understand the kinds of things you need to consider.

Choose a location for your home