Five tips to help you spring into Spring!

26 August 2020

 With Spring fast approaching, and yet more time being spent at home, now is the time to think about how to best optimise your outdoor spaces. Creating a backyard that uplifts and inspires is a great way to encourage more time spent outdoors.

There are many simple ways to maximise a space’s full potential, many of which require little in the way of time or effort.

Brickworks Building Poriducts general manager of international marketing Brett Ward says the arrival of spring is the perfect time to make five small changes that can make a world of difference.

Paving can help to define a space.


Pavers are great for any outdoor area and such is their versatility that they can be used a number of ways, from creating walkways to framing garden beds. In Australian weather, materials need to be extremely durable, particularly if landscaping a pool area where they will need to withstand exposure to salt, chlorine and other chemicals.

Brett recommends using a Keope porcelain tile.

He says: “You can pair pavers with gravel to define your space and break up a large area, or use repetition of one main paver to create flow and a sense of spaciousness in an otherwise small and confined space.”

A retaining wall makes a bold statement in a space.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can make bold and attractive statements in landscaping applications, with a plethora of contemporary textures and colours available. Terracing a large area creates a striking façade while serving the functionality of levelling a sloped area.

Brett says: “Installing retaining walls can be a great way to liven up you backyard, providing structure while creating a sense of depth in your space.”

Brick barbecue

Building a brick barbecue is a DIY project that can be completed in a day or two, and is also a great way to preoccupy the kids! Not only will it come in handy during Spring and Summer but it also makes a great garden centrepiece.

To create a stylish brick barbecue, you’ll need a grill set, bricks, sand, cement, a spirit level and a shovel.

Brett says: “Now is the time to invest in a good barbecue that will give you the perfect excuse to spend more time outside, and there’s no better way to make the most of your shiny new toy than to create a brick barbecue.”

A garden space with breeze blocks.

Breeze Blocks

The breeze block is back, according to Brett. Allowing a cool breeze into the home while also offering a modicum of privacy, breeze blocks make the perfect addition to coastal homes, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space.

From a practical standpoint, they can be used to divide a courtyard into two distinct spaces, allowing you to play with a sense of openness and enclosure.

Brett says: “Breeze blocks are a winning material for the Australian home, providing the perfect intersection of beauty and functionality.”

Plants are a great way to add colour to an outdoor space.


Spending time in nature is an important grounding experience with many studies proving that plants can decrease stress, increase productivity, improve mood and boost creativity. Gardening has a tremendous impact on our wellbeing as it focuses the mind on what is in front of us.

A great garden starts from the ground up, so be sure to use good, organic soil. If it’s your first time gardening, start with some easy plants that won’t require too much attention.

Brett adds: “Being outdoors is directly associated with improved outcomes for stress and overall mental health, so it’s important to create a space that encourages you to spend more time outside.”