Floors for different areas


Different parts of your house are used for very different purposes - and it's crucial that the floor surfaces you choose for each is right for its purpose. Consider bathrooms, for a start - the floor in your bathroom's likely to see torrents of water on a very regular basis, and while tiles are fantastic, carpet mightn't be such a wise option. In your living room, by contrast, carpet provides a really cosy feel and a great surface to relax and stretch out on.

In most cases there are a few suitable options to consider - find out more about what sorts of flooring choices are going to suit different parts of your home.

Kitchen floors

Kitchen floors need to be able to take quite a beating - but they also need to be forgiving on your feet, knees and ankles. Find out what sorts of flooring options fit the bill best for use in kitchens.

Bathroom floors

Bathroom floors

There are many different ways to decorate a bathroom floor, but above all else it the floor must be waterproof, and slip-resistant.

Laundry floors

Laundry floors are very similar to kitchen floors in terms of demands, and because they're often next to each other these rooms often share a floor covering.

Living and dining room floors

Your choice of floor covering for the living room will depend on a number of considerations, but perhaps the most important aspect is comfort.

Hallway and foyer floors

Hallway floors will see more use than most other parts of the house, so it's important that they're strong and resistant to wear.

How to choose bedroom floors

Flooring in bedrooms, similarly to that for living rooms, needs to be comfortable and attractive to make the room feel inviting.

Garage and workshop floors

This is the floor where spills don’t matter, where dirty work is done regularly, where cars are fixed and lawnmowers are taken to pieces and reassembled.