Four easy ways to save water this summer

28 January 2022

Conserving water in the hot summer months need not be a full-time job as Australia’s water experts, Nylex, urges us to change the way we water with its new ReTH!NKrange.

The ReTH!NKrange is a new range of watering accessories in which the plastic components of each product are made from at least 70% recycled material – a first of its kind for Australasia.

According to a study conducted, nine in ten Australian consumers are more likely to purchase ethical and sustainable products, with the survey also revealing that 85% of consumers want retailers and brands to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products. Recycled products such as Nylex’s ReTH!NKrange play an important part in reducing the carbon footprint as well as saving waste from landfill. 

As one of the driest populated continents on earth, water conservation should be a priority for every Australian. For the gardener, being water-wise and decreasing water consumption can help save money and the environment.

To ensure you save water but keep your garden thriving, Alyce Rigby, Nylex Product Manager, shares her top water saving tips.

Water your garden less often, but for longer

Instead of watering plants a little every day, it is more effective to give them a good soak less often, to encourage roots to grow down into the soil, where it’s cooler and promote a good firm, drier tolerant root system.  

To keep your garden hydrated, use the Nylex 20 Metre ReTH!INKGarden Hose. This hose is ideal for basic watering needs, built with pressure resistant woven reinforcement for durability and a polished cover that resists dirt collecting abrasions.

Water at the right time

The optimal time to water your garden and lawn is early in the morning. Watering at this time reduces the likelihood of water loss due to evaporation, so more water can soak deep into the soil. Early morning watering also ensures that water doesn’t sit on the foliage overnight, which can encourage fungal disease.

Additionally, make sure you are only watering your garden when it’s needed. For example, avoid watering if it has recently rained and don’t use the mist setting on the nozzle when it’s windy.

The Nylex ReTH!INK Multi-Function Spray Gun Set gives you plenty of choice when it comes to watering. With eight different spray patterns, this set will ensure you’re using the right spray pattern for the task at hand. 

Anti-leak fittings and taps are best

A leaking tap can mean litres of water wasted every month. Apart from checking your water meter for leakage, it’s important to use a good quality hose fitting that won’t leak or break and waste water. The Nylex ReTH!NKNozzle Watering Set is the tool for the job. The set includes a watering nozzle with an adjustable spray pattern and two anti-leak hose connectors and a universal tap adaptor to ensure no water is wasted. Constructed with UV protection and with a two-year guarantee, this set is durable, ensuring your hose fitting won’t break with strong water pressure.

Use the right amount of water

Before watering, take some time to analyse your garden and soil. Water is essential for the health of plants and soil. Soil that has been watered holds nutrients that feed the plant and its roots. However, how much water your soil needs may be dependent on the soil type – light sandy soils tend to lose moisture quicker so you might find they need watering more often than heavier clay-based soils which tend to hold onto more moisture and often require less water. 

No matter what your soil type or watering style, the Nylex ReTH!NK Twin Gun Set is the perfect choice. The spray gun is multi-functional and comes with eight different spray patterns to choose from while the other is adjustable from jet to a fine mist. Both offer an on-off squeeze trigger, continuous spray function and flow control, guaranteeing you can manage the water flow and strength at all times.

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