Freestanding bathtub positioning

I have purchased a freestanding bathtub to place into my bathroom, which is being renovated. I have had someone advise me that the bath needs to be positioned a certain distance from walls (to allow for cleaning) according to building regulations. Is this true?

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Hi Sally,

There is no specific plumbing requirement in relation to clearances for the installation of a freestanding bath, but the general waterproofing requirements of the National Construction Code Series Volume One Building Code of Australia are as follows:

- Concrete or compressed fibre cement flooring under a vessel (bath) is to be water resistant.

- Timber floors under a vessel are to be waterproof.

- Walls must be water resistant to a height of 150mm above the vessel for the full extent of the vessel where the vessel is within 75mm of the wall

- Wall must be water resistant below the lip of the vessel.

- Wall & floor junctions must be water resistant for the full extent of the vessel.

- Tap & spout penetrations must be waterproof where they occur in horizontal surfaces.

Hoping this answers your enquiry.

Matt Wilson
Technical Services Officer,
Compliance and Technical Services
Plumbing Industry Commission (Victoria)
Plumbing Industry Commission



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