French, Sliding, Hinged or Bi-Fold Doors? A Go-To-Guide to Selecting The Right Doors for Your Home

15 April 2019

Who knew choosing a door for your home could involve so many choices! Need help choosing the right one for your home or apartment?

A door is not just a door. Each home is unique in itself and requires different needs, depending on who is living in them. At the end of the day, there are no rules. However, we think there are some important considerations to understand before making a decision.

With many different sizes, frames, glazing and styles it could be quite overwhelming to choose a door for your home.

Considerations when choosing your home door: Why bi-fold doors may be the one?

Australian Standards
When choosing your doors for your home, it is important that they comply with Australian standards, as different locations, heights and places have certain opening restrictions.

The architecture of your home should also be considered when looking at a design for doors. Matching your door with the overall look and style of your home is important.

It may be particularly attractive to install aluminium bifold doors in a modern, minimalistic architectural design. However, this particular door may not be suited for a vintage cottage styled home. Speaking to a designer that understands the needs of your home and one that can give you appropriate recommendations is key.

Keep your home secure and make sure to take into account security features when choosing windows and doors for your home. You can’t really live in a house without a door, and they are usually the weak point within the home when it comes to security. This is why it is crucial to make sure your bi-fold, French, sliding or other preferred door of choice is secure with locks, has durable glass and is of high quality.

Your windows and doors within your home should fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home design. Coordinate your doors with the style of your home and elements within them including your walls, driveway and roof. Luckily enough, the choice of door designs is endless, so there will always be a colour and design that is going to suit your home.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is also a consideration you may want to make when you are choosing doors for your home. The heat gained and lost within the home generally comes from doors and windows. This is why choosing a design which incorporates energy efficient glass, glazing and seals are features worth considering.

Sliding over french over bi-fold doors? Tips on choosing the right one …

There are no strict rules or guidelines when it comes to choosing the right door for your home. However, certain doors may be more suited for your home design than others. Here is what we think!

Formal entry
If you want to install a door in a more formal space, choosing French or hinged doors are a perfect choice. These doors can include a single or double entry. If you are thinking of incorporating a hinged door within your home, take into consideration that you will need more floor space, as these doors take up more space and could affect furniture placement and the function of the room. French doors are perfect for an elegant look. Connecting the indoor and outdoor space in a modern and sleek way.

If entertaining is a central part of your daily lifestyle, choosing the right door will be crucial for convenience created when entertaining. Choose a space with a wide doorway and a design which will fit that space. Sliding, bi-fold and stacker doors and most commonly used for entertaining as they are quite versatile serving both modern and traditional homes.

Balcony doors
Choose glass if you have a balcony. This is the ultimate choice as they allow natural light to enter the space while enjoying spectacular views. Sliding doors are most appropriate for smaller balconies due to the design. Bi-fold is stacker doors are more appropriate for spaces with a larger opening.

If you have a balcony, consider:

  • Stacker door
  • Sliding door
  • Bi-fold doors
  • French doors

Traditional homes
Traditional homes need a timeless design. Making an impressive stance within the home, the right door needs to be chosen to further enhance the warmth and tradition of the house.

Choose from a variety, including:

  • French doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Bi-fold doors

Modern homes
Modern homes involve contemporary, sleek and minimalistic designs. We think glass is the perfect option to fit within the aesthetic. Choosing a door with a sliding operation and steady panes provide a modern look. The widths of the frames should be thin and sleek with the option of choosing between a timber or aluminium texture.

Here are some options for modern homes

  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding stacker doors
  • Paragon hinged door

Yes, there are an endless amount of options, but don’t be overwhelmed. Conduct appropriate research, and choose a design that best fits the needs of your home. Keep these informative tips in mind when making your choice, and your home will be complete in no time!


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