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Sometime over the history of my 60 year old house, it was built underneath with a garage directly under the patio. I don't think it should be like this but it can't be changed now.

Up until this weekend, the patio floor was covered with very old, severely deteriorated stick on vinyl tiles, which were stuck onto some kind of board, which was nailed to the original floor boards. I've pulled up the tiles and board they were stuck to and now the floor boards are exposed.

As the patio is over the garage it needs to be waterproof and a lot of the floor boards appear to have water damage.

Can anyone advise me on what to do to stop rain getting into the garage from the patio? Would really appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

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We can only get a vague idea of how this has been constructed from your description, and I think this probably isn't something anyone can give you any meaningful advice on without actually coming in and properly inspecting it.

Can only imagine how much fun it was lifting off that vinyl...

If the boards you've described are water damaged, there's a chance that the patio could be dangerous or unsound, which could be a bigger problem than the water getting into your garage.

We'd strongly recommend that you get a qualified builder to come and have a look. They'll be able to help confirm where and how the water's coming in (it's not always just the obvious way), check out the state of your patio, and recommend a good, effective solution to help keep the rain out of your garage - perhaps by installing some moisture board, properly sealing the edges and laps and then putting a layer of tiles down... or whatever suits your situation.

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