Fuel types for heaters


Not all heating fuels are created equal - and not all will necessarily be available or appropriate for your home or the area it's located in. The fuel type you choose will dramatically affect the cost of your heating, as well as the heater options available to you, the amount of maintenance and cleaning required, and the levels of CO2 emissions your heater's responsible for.

Solid fuel heating

Solid fuel heating (wood, coal etc.)

Solid fuel heaters run on coal, wood and other combustible fuels. Where you live can have a big effect on the cost of solid fuels.

Gas heating

Gas heating (natural gas and LPG)

Natural gas is a relatively cheap fuel for heating, and is a popular option where gas reticulation is available.

Electric heater

Electric heating

Electricity is used for all kinds of heaters, but is particularly popular for space heaters because of how quickly they produce heat.

Solar heating

Solar energy is free, and while solar heaters aren't common, most people do rely on heat from the sun to keep their homes warm.