The garage – suddenly the most versatile room in the house!

29 April 2020

The garage is a versatile room in these pandemic times.

Many families are experiencing a strange new world of having everyone at home all day, every day.

While some will, undoubtedly, enjoy having extra time with their kids (minus the home schooling!) there will be others who are desperate for extra space and carrying out various DIY and makeovers in the hunt for same.

The garage has proved to be a prime candidate for such works.

Leading garage door automation manufacturer, Chamberlain, has seen a recent trend of clever transformations in garages across the country.

“We are seeing more and more families turning even the humblest of garages into mini-gyms, home studies or kid friendly playrooms,” says Chamberlain Group international marketing director Grant Emanuel.

The three main uses for garages are: home gym, home office, a kids’ area, and a non-contact delivery zone.

The garage is ideal for a home gym.

Stay strong

Garages are the perfect place for a home gym as they have enough open space and can be easily cleaned of sweat or spills. But if you don’t already have dumbbells...good luck with that!

Work it

A quiet corner in a busy house might seem like a tall order but many are finding respite in the garage. Clearing a space in the garage for a home office is a simple fix and gives you a suitable location for those important Zoom meetings.

A garage can easily double as a home office.

Kids’ Zone

Creating a dedicated play space is beneficial to little ones and their parents while all under the same roof. Before you start thinking of big ideas to transform the space, make sure it’s safe first by removing any hazards such as chemicals and tools. Your kids need to know that the garage door is not a toy and all buttons/remote controls should be kept out of reach of children.

Once the place is clean and safe, let your imagination run wild!

Non-contact delivery zone

The garage is the ideal place for drop-offs and deliveries. Just get the driver to let you know they’ve arrived and you can open the garage door from your myQ smart home app, and collect at your leisure.

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