Glass Pool Fencing Installation Guide By Seaton Glass Adelaide

28 July 2022

Pool fencing in Adelaide installation attracts several regulations. The compliances are to prevent drownings. And also to keep children and pets safe near the pools. As soon as you construct a pool, you also need to put up a fence. Hence, you need to plan your fence well in advance before the pool is fully functional.

We, Seaton Glass are glad to give you a quick guide to help all the pool owners. Being a leading glazier for more than 3 decades, we are abreast with all compliances. We have designed and installed superior-quality glass fences for swimming pools. We have outlined every detail you should know while planning for a pool.

Right Way To Install Glass Pool Fencing | Step By Step Process

The safety regulations for pool fences differ from state to state in Australia. If you are planning a new pool, this step-by-step guide will help you. 

  1. Complying With Local Regulations

At Seaton Glass, our expert technicians work in accordance with the compliances. If you are building a fence around your pool, leave all liaising hassles to us. All the swimming pools in South Australia need to follow Australia Standard AS1926-2012. These safety regulations define certain specifications for the pool fence. Making alterations at a later stage may incur extra costs for you.

  1. Marking The Posts

Once the minimum or maximum pool fence dimensions are known, the position is marked. The process determines the place where the fence will be exactly installed. Often a string line is used to create straight lines. Mark the posts with chalk and excavate the pre-drill holes.

  1. Attaching Posts

Position the posts and fill the holes with concrete mix. Attach the brackets where the fence rail ends. Secure the posts using the screws. Place the metal protectors to hide the screws and protect against corrosion.

  1. Supporting Glass with Grips and Plates

Insert the metal plates inside the mini-posts and subsequently rubber grips. A part of the grip should be allowed outside to ensure easy sliding of the glass. 

  1. Putting Up The Glass Panels

This requires lots of care while handling the glass panels. Our technicians make sure the panels are even before installation. Secure the glass panels into the posts using the Allen keys.

  1. Pool Safety Gates

Fix the hinges to the fence posts while ensuring that the gate opens outwards. Also, the gates should be opened away from the pool. Check that the gates are getting closed and locked in properly.

Essential Pool Fencing Requirements

Seaton Glass is glad to point out essential fencing compliances. These safety regulations are crucial to avoid disasters like drownings.

  1. Height of The Fence - The minimum fence height should be 1200 mm. 
  2. Spacing - The bottom of the pool fence should not be more than 100 mm away from the ground.
  3. Non-Climbable Zone - Every pool fence should maintain a non-climbing zone of 900 mm around it. This is to prevent kids from accessing the pool by climbing the fence. 
  4. Glass Thickness -  A toughened glass thickness should be a minimum of 12 mm.

However, we recommend hiring professional experts for the installation of glass pool fences. We give keen attention to every factor while installing a fence around your pool. In many cases, DIY installations may result in accidents and hence there are risks involved. At Seaton Glass, we provide pool barrier service with Adelaide glass pool fencing compliances. Also, we take up immediate pool fence repair and replacement jobs.

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