Go Beyond Blinds and Curtains

09 March 2021

If you are looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney to decorate the windows of your home, you would by now realize that there is a vast range of options available out there. In the last decade or so, window treatment options have evolved a great deal, taking into consideration the environment, sustainability, as well as new emerging technologies. 

No more are the days when you see only curtains in Sydney homes, or traditional blinds. So what new improved types of window treatments are available to homeowners these days? 

Blinds – Blinds have come a long way in the last few years to include cordless options, motorised options etc which make it much safer for homes with children and pets. While timber horizontal blinds were once popular, now most people go for faux wood blinds, which are more durable, moisture resistant and still give the same look and feel of timber.

Window Shades – Shades have evolved a great deal to include solar shades that block the sun’s harmful UV rays (which is very important for Australia), as are Roman Shades, which are a combination between curtains and blinds, but provide more functionality in terms of giving greater insulation, and light and privacy control. For the eco-friendly home owner, you can now get shades made from Bamboo and other natural material as well.

Panel Glides & Straight Drop Awnings – These are new options that have come out which suit large and oversized windows. Panel Glides are very space saving for those living in small apartments or homes. Straight drop awnings can also be used to create an al fresco outdoor area which is protected from the elements and can be used all year around.

Window Films – Window films are all the rage these days as they are easy to install (or paste), are cost effective, and gives great protection from the glare and sun. You can even have textured film which lets in a certain amount of natural light, or completely block out the sun. These can be used in any room of the house, but are especially good for bathrooms, kitchens etc.