Griege – the best of both worlds

09 October 2023

After more than a decade at the forefront of interior design, grey is set to be superseded by 50 shades of brown in paints, furnishings and textiles. But it’s not quite a complete dismissal of grey. This versatile colour has stepped aside to make way for a warmer, more calming hue, being griege!

Greige is the perfect balance between grey and beige, it delivers the best of both worlds, it’s contemporary and congenial, yet it sits peacefully beside so many other hues.

Wattyl has created a palette of warm and cooler greige interior wall paints that will give consumers both choice and guidance in this colour that is the perfect neutral.

The secret to a good greige is that its undertones must not be too blue or too yellow, rather it should be earthy and natural, yet create a sense of comfort and serenity, while remaining fresh.

Wattyl’s palette of greiges has been divided into warm and cooler tones that are all available in the brand’s ultra-low VOC interior paint, Wattyl I.D Advanced.

Included in the warm greige palette are Wattyl Arid Land               , Wattyl Scallopini, Wattyl Rustic Light, Wattyl Pelt, Wattyl Pademelons and Wattyl Beaver, while in the cooler greige palette colours include Wattyl Noble Appeal, Wattyl Clear Cut and Wattyl Pebblecrete.

While colour is a focus for Wattyl, sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact remain top priorities. Wattyl I.D. Advanced interior paint features an ultra-low VOC formula of less than 1g/L, one of the lowest VOC interior paints available, which results in greatly reduced carbon emissions during the manufacturing process and better indoor air quality post-painting.

Wattyl paints are available in a range of sheen levels, Matt, Low Sheen and Satin, with Wattyl I.D. Advanced, Ultra Low VOC interior paint and Wattyl Solagard exterior paint are two of the most popular paints in Australia.

Swatches and sample pots, together with cans of paint, for all colours from the new Colour By Wattyl Fandeck can be ordered online by going to and instore at Wattyl Paint Centres, Mitre 10, Home, Timber & Hardware and other leading paint specialists. 

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