A guide to choosing the brick in your wall

26 August 2019

Kitchen/living room with exposed brick.

PGH Bricks & Pavers has released its 2019 PGH Bricks Style Guide with nine new collections to inspire those building or renovating their home.

The building/renovation process can be a stressful one as the homeowner must deal with a multitude of tradesmen, architects and professionals while simultaneously trying to achieve the vision they have for their home.

While the interior design of a home might seem the most fun, it’s worth paying attention to what’s going on with the exterior as well. The vast majority of people will only ever see the outside of your home so it is the canvas for you to make a statement to the world. Whether that’s low-key liveability, a sweeping style gesture, or something in between, it’s important to take the time to pick the right bricks for your vision.

New to the style guide this year is inspiration and information on how bricks are not just for the exterior but can create a strong impression indoors as well. Whether exposed and dominant, calm and quiet, or painted in colourful tones, they can balance effortlessly with other interior materials, offering a range of options for design.

The PGH website also features a quiz to help you find your perfect brick style.

The 2019 styles are as follows:                                          


Sophisticated Neutrals

Sophisticated Neutrals exterior/interior

Sophisticated Neutrals is popular with those looking for an understated yet sophisticated feel. The palette’s inherent timelessness and versatility suits a broad range of homes and is ideal for creating a sense of calm and serenity. Neutral colours are great for emphasising space and light while also providing the ultimate backdrop for other colours and textures; always holding its own but never dominating.


Grey All The Way

Grey All The Way exterior/interior

Simple and elegant, this is the go-to palette for beautiful and discerning homes with long term chic appeal. Equally at home amidst a classic setting as it is in a contemporay one, this is a trend with true longevity and one that’s effortless to achieve. Another great palette for infusing homes with tranquility, it has a timeless look that’s easy to evolve throughout the years.


Dark & Stormy

Dark & Stormy exterior/interior

Bringing together a vast spectrum of dusky, moody shades such as smoke, black, espresso and midnight blue, this palette is ideal for those wanting to make a statement. Defined by hues that are bold yet elegant, it works both in rural and urban settings and is particularly suited to homes with clean, classic lines and dramatic design details.


Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic exterior/interior

With its combination of authentic age-old materials and statement making metals, Industrial Chic is raw, gritty and modern. It’s the ultimate style for showcasing brick’s beauty indoors, especially when vintage style bricks are teamed with shiny, metal surfaces and hardier, natural materials like concrete and timber. With the ‘warehouse’ look now enjoying such wide global appeal, this is a trend that’s here to stay; embracing all that’s raw, aged and utilitarian.


Coastal Hamptons

Coastal Hamptons exterior/interior

Taking its style cues from a classic American trend  that blends a coastal village aesthetic with modern elegance, this style is all about conveying a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere wherever the home is located. To achieve this look, combine layers of pale colours and simplistic finishes with whitewashed floors and a sun drenched brick terrace. This is another great style for using brick internally as its earthy tones and textured finish convey that warm, welcoming, laidback feel synonymous with beachside living.


Fresh Naturals

Fresh Naturals exterior/interior

Fresh Naturals is the go-to trend for those wanting to bring the calming effect of nature indoors. Realised through shades of green, soft browns, sand and bronze, this is a fresh, gentle, organic palette, ideal for those craving a daily connection with the natural environment. Colour washed bricks and natural timbers are a perfect place to start, infusing homes with a sense of serenity, sanctuary and wellbeing.


Warm Earth

Warm Earth exterior/interior

This is a deeply coloured, earthy palette characterised by an abundance of spice notes, flattering pinks, clays and reds. It builds on the growing appreciation for classic red and brown bricks, which have been reinvigorated in recent years to suit contemporary home design. The beauty of Warm Earth lies in its quiet confidence and its ability to impart a real feeling of warmth and cosiness to family homes.


Luxury Noir

Luxury Noir exterior/interior

A style statement that embraces luxury, opulence and glamour, Luxury Noir can either be dark and dramatic using a palette of rich blacks and brass, or chic and sophisticated with the introduction of creams and gold. This is a look with the power to elevate any space in an instant; from cosy nooks to contemporary kitchens.


Painted Brick

Painted brick exterior/interior

This trend offers infinite design possibilities, combining all the benefits of natural brickwork with unlimited colour options. Painted Brick is often associated with mid-century style, post-industrial spaces or cool New York City lofts, but responds beautifully to any style of architecture, offering homeowners a welcoming and charismatic lived-in look.