Guide for Store Wine Without a Cellar or Wine Fridge

31 May 2023

Many people consider storing fine wine to be an acquired skill. The various subtleties of heat and light may significantly influence the maturity of a good vintage. Several enthusiasts will have opened a bottle several years after purchasing, only to discover the wine is not quite up to par. So, if you are buying wines with the intention of ageing them for a long time, professional-grade Wine storage in Sydney is well worth the money. However, if you plan on consuming your wine in the near future, keeping them at home, even if you do not have a cellar, can be more convenient.

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When keeping wine at home, there are numerous things to consider, the most essential of which is temperature. Anything above 21°C at normal room temperature will mature a wine far faster than you want it to and can result in bland flavours and aromas the optimal temperature range is between 8°C and 18°C. No longer than three months should be spent storing wine in the refrigerator due to corks drying out and allowing air into the bottle, which can lead to oxidation.

When it comes to ageing a glass of wine, temperature is believed to be an essential element. Choose a place with the least amount of seasonal temperature changes. Most people will start in rumpus rooms or basements, but make sure the environment is free of continuous vibrations and smells. You might approach a wine storage company if you do not have a good cooling location to store your wine, then Sydney wine storage specialists can assist you in properly storing your wine.


Avoid storing wine in areas that are prone to temperature fluctuations. It is a no-go in the kitchen or utility room, or even in a garage that is not heated. Unheated cupboards or underneath of the stairs are typically suitable options. Consistency is the goal.


Light may damage and prematurely age wine. So, vintners employ coloured glass bottles to safeguard their contents. Keep your wine out of direct sunlight. Fluorescent lightbulbs, on the other hand, can emit small quantities of UV light, which can cause skin irritation and skin cancer. As UV rays age the contents of a bottle prematurely, sunlight is a wine's worst enemy. Wherever you choose to store your wine, be sure that it is kept out of direct sunlight for the whole daytime. The sun is relentless in your small flat, and there is no way to avoid it. Then, cover your wine with a towel or a sheet to keep it from getting too hot.

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Think about stuff sideways

Bottles are usually put on their sides to keep the liquid up against the cork, preventing it from drying out. There is no need for this if you plan to drink these bottles within the next few months. Horizontal racking is a space-saving bottle storage solution that will not harm your wines. Hold your corked bottles horizontally to keep the corks moist. This also prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. When you have a huge collection of wines, professional wine storage might help you save a lot of room. Whether your bottle tops are metal or plastic, you may keep them whatever you like.

Arrange them flat

You can even choose self storage Sydney. This applies to corked wines in particular, as a horizontal bottle will cause the cork to retain water. While standing vertically, corks tend to shrink, enabling air to enter the bottle and eventually oxidising the wine. Even though screw-top bottles were introduced many years ago, it is still suggested to store wine horizontally, whether or not it has a cork, since this will help discover any possible leaks in the bottle.

Consider selecting a professional wine storage service

Wine storage services or wine storage solutions may be worth considering if you find yourself with an ever-growing collection of high-end wines. That means your wine will be preserved in the finest possible conditions and will not suffer any undesired degradation. Professional storage facilities will have the right amount of temperature, humidity, and light necessary so that you can rest easy. Storage that is not properly maintained can age up to four times quicker than storage that is kept in a clean, safe environment. Consider it if you have a substantial wine collection or if you have acquired wine as an investment.

Bottom lines

A professional storage facility offers a whole package of care, including a variety of alternatives and choices. Storage costs are based on the size of your collection and the probability that you may add to it in the future.

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