Has your deck suffered from the rain? It might be time to reconsider timber decking

22 April 2022

If the relentless rain has meant that you haven’t had time to tend to your beloved outdoor spaces, from pruning your garden to giving your timber deck some TLC, it might be time to reconsider the materials you are using, says Rod Schiefelbein from Trex.

Timber decks especially have been fairing the worst with the constant rain. With the days getting darker earlier, and the colder weather setting in, timber decks may not have the time to dry out properly, which means they can’t be waterproofed or treated leading to rot and eventually, disaster.  

The solution to perfect year-round decking? Composite decking.  

What is composite decking? It is a blend of plastic and wood fibres, making the decking resilient and long lasting.  

So, whether your timber deck is a bit worse for wear or you have been considering a renovation upgrade for some time, Trex has collected a few reasons why composite should be your first choice.

Rod explains more below:

Composite decking is weather-resistant  

As composite decking is made from a blend of plastic and wood fibres, so it won’t absorb water like regular timber. The blend of composite materials will prevent it from expanding with heat and contracting with the cold, meaning it won't crack or splinter in colder months. Also, it will hold up to Australia’s humidity!

Composite decking from Trex even combines stain and fade resistant colours so not even the sun can change the colour of your deck. 

If you’re still looking to use a timber deck, we suggest enlisting the help of a protective product such as a waterproof tape, like Trex Protect, that can be added to your deck's timber structure and foundations. This will protect the deck from moister and can also prevent the wood from splintering when the moisture freezes during winter. This small and simple investment that will guarantee the foundation of your deck lives a long life.

You don’t have to stain, paint or constantly maintain composite decking 

As timber decking is an organic material, it requires a lot of maintenance. From staining and waterproofing to anti-fungi treatments (especially important in the wet weather), a timber deck can be incredibly time consuming and expensive.  

Composite decking such as Trex, is resistant to water and fading, meaning all the treatments and stains aren’t necessary, saving you the maintenance time.  

Divert water away from your deck with a drainage system 

To ensure that your deck stays as dry as possible, we recommend installing a drainage system next to or underneath your deck. This will ensure water won’t get stuck underneath your deck, which may cause the foundations to rot. Trex RainEscape is a great drainage system that uses a network of gutters to create water run-off beneath the deck which guarantees 100% protection of the deck structure from rain and moisture. It even has the added bonus of creating a dry storage space under your deck!

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