Heating and cooling management

If there's one aspect of energy management that can make a real difference to energy use, it's how you heat and cool your home. Air conditioners and the wrong types of electric heaters are extremely energy intensive. Choosing more efficient options, relying more on passive heating and cooling or simply managing how heat's distributed can all help you to put a leash on how much energy you use to stay comfortable.

Calculate heating and cooling costs

How to calculate heating and cooling costs

Heating and cooling can be very expensive, and knowing what you're paying to use your heaters and air conditioners is a good way to rein in your usage. Here's how to calculate your costs.

Which heaters are most energy efficient?

There are many different types of heaters, and many different sorts of fuels you can use to heat your home. Find out how each compares in terms of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

Efficient air conditioning

Which cooling systems are most efficient?

If you need to artificially cool your home, it's well worth considering how much that'll cost, and what kinds of options you have. Air conditioners are effective, but they're also very energy hungry...