Help Choosing the Right Electrician

27 August 2020

When the time comes that you need a professional Ashgrove electrician to carry out work around your home, how do you go about finding someone suited to the job and how do choose from the myriad choices listed online? 

There is of course much more to the task than just choosing the first business on the list and paying whatever they want to get the job done. Being slapdash about how and who you nominate to carry out the electrical work could have serious implications. Probably the least of your worries is being ripped off, or certainly paying over the odds for whatever it is that needs doing. At the sharp end of the scale, the person or business you choose could potentially be putting your house and family at risk. Electrical work, when done poorly, has serious consequences which in the extreme can result in fire or, worse still, serious injury and death.

So, take your time when looking for someone who will carry out the work professionally and will also have your interests at heart. For your benefit we have detailed a few points for consideration:

First of all what kind of electrical works need carrying out? Australian homeowners are legally allowed to carry out basic tasks such as changing plugs and replacing lightbulbs as well as installing appliances for the job they have been designed for. Beyond that, if you need a new power point installing or want to repair a broken fitting, or are considering replacing the transformers for led downlights in your property, think again. 

Secondly, on the subject of legal practice, certified electricians in Australia need to hold a current electrical license to be able to do any kind of electrical work, paid or otherwise. Beyond that, each individual state often stipulates that sparkys become Registered Electrical Contractors prior to opening and running their own electrical related business. As well as operating legally and conforming to household insurance requirements, this also enables the electrician to issue a legal certificate of compliance for the work that they carry out, which in essence is your guarantee that all works have been carried out to the required standard.

You should also ideally try to find a local electrical business. As well as proving to be more convenient, it means that you will not be paying to cover their travel related expenses if they’ve had to drive a long way to reach you. Additionally, local specialists are more often than not proud of their reputation in the locality and go about their work in order to keep it that way.

It is perhaps stating the obvious, even with small jobs, but make sure to request a cross section of quotes to ensure that you aren’t being ripped off. Even just a verbal description of what needs doing should enable an experienced electrician to give you an approximate idea of what to expect to pay for carrying out the work. 

And as a final qualifier on your target list, have a look for reviews about their work on Google, or in the directory that you found their details. Most established business now have a track record of customer reviews. Those that don’t, probably do not plan to be around in a few years’ time. 

Beyond that, choose wisely.