High in durability and eco-friendly, concrete is the best flooring material for sustainable living

28 April 2020

Concrete Polishing Perth


Constructing homes that are eco-friendly as well as environmentally friendly has come to be the concept for many Australian building contractors and property owners, as they find exactly how simple it can be to achieve all the benefits of a long-lasting flooring solution without sacrificing looks or breaking the budget. As a matter of fact, choosing eco-friendly flooring will save you a lot of money, while leaving a reduced footprint on the Earth.

Polished Concrete flooring is the best example of this synergy of elegance, sustainability and economic climate, providing you with a long-lasting, low-maintenance floor that will last the life of your home. Concrete floors, when left exposed, preserve resources by operating both as a foundation piece and completed floor.

This removes the requirement for carpeting as well as various other floor coverings that would eventually call for replacement. Along with conserving products, concrete flooring has numerous other environmental benefits, such as aiding in increased energy performance and boosting indoor air quality. These are one of the most beneficial reasons to go green with attractive concrete floors.

Style Versatility

Commonly, interior concrete floors have been concealed under other flooring materials such as carpet, wood, plastic or ceramic floor tile. But why waste sources as well as money to include another layer of floor covering when you can simply leave the stunning concrete exposed?

Decorative techniques such as colouring, staining, stamping, stencilling as well as brightening offer you limitless design options, permitting you to develop floors that mimic more traditional materials, such as floor tile or slate, or create a look that's absolutely unique.

If you're concerned about the toxicity of the products used to colour or treat the concrete, you currently have more eco-friendly options readily available. Although some concrete sealants and finishes are still solvent-based, numerous items today are readily available in low-odour, safe variations that will not affect interior air quality.

Durability and resource conservation

When effectively set up and installed, an attractive concrete flooring will last a lifetime and also will certainly never need replacing.

Few flooring materials can compare to these qualities. Carpet, ceramic tile, as well as even timber floorings, ultimately require replacing over time, which uses up valuable resources as well as produces added waste needed to be removed. If you stick with a neutral colour palette for your concrete floor, it will easily fit any kind of future adjustments to your interior decoration.

Concrete floorings likewise make use of lasting products. The predominant basic material for the concrete in concrete is sedimentary rock, one of the most plentiful mineral in the world. Your ready-mix distributor can likewise make concrete using waste by-products, which lowers the intake of basic materials. Fly ash, slag concrete as well as silica fume, all waste byproducts from certain industries are typically used as partial concrete substitutes.

Polished concrete floors can also include products such as crushed glass, pieces of plastic that has been recycled, chips of marble, metal shavings and even seashells!

Lastly, in the extremely unlikely event that your concrete flooring ever requires to be changed, the concrete itself can likewise be recycled at the end of its long life span.

One more means concrete floorings lessens waste: The fresh concrete that goes into a flooring slab is manufactured at a regional ready-mix plant in the quantities needed for each and every project. This likewise minimizes the power called for to transport a factory-made product such as ceramic tile or carpet from the plant, to the representative and eventually to your house.

Power efficiency

As a result of their thermal mass as well as the ability to maintain warmth, concrete floors are suitable for solar passive styled homes. When residences are developed to make use of solar radiation going into with windows in the winter months, concrete floors will take in the heat from the sunlight and keep the conserve it as needed during the night to keep rooms warmer. Conversely in the summertime as well as in warm environments, concrete floors protected from the sunlight will remain cool longer and can really aid in reduced air-conditioning prices.

Concrete floors are also optimal for use with energy-efficient in-floor heating units. With radiant heat, coils heated by electrical power or warm water are embedded in concrete floorings, heating the flooring itself to deliver clean, eco-friendly warmth.

The team at Concrete Polishing Perth says that with concrete floor heating, homeowners can be comfortable at lower temperatures than with other types of home heating, helping to save on utility bills. Another advantage: When homes are heated up with in-floor heating, no air is being blown around, similar to forced-air systems, so no dust or dirt is constantly recirculated right into the air.


A honed concrete floor is typically an affordable choice over various other flooring options such as wood floor covering and floor tiles. For a brand-new residential building or business tasks with site-cast concrete flooring slabs, selecting to leave the concrete floors exposed can save you huge amounts of money over the life of the structure.

For example, you don't need to get an extra floor covering to place on top of the floor piece. Furthermore, the longevity, as well as low upkeep demands of concrete flooring, will save you the ongoing maintenance needed from other solutions. In a normal home environment, attractive concrete floorings are extremely low-maintenance, requiring only periodic sweeping or wet wiping.

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