Bathroom design guide

Mould and rust on taps

How to deal with mould and rust

Cleaning mould is not simply a matter of wiping it off and assuming the job's finished. Find out how to effectively clean rust stains and get rid of mould for good in your bathroom.

Unblocking a drain

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains in your kitchen are no fun - but thankfully they're not too difficult to deal with. Read our guide on how to unblock a drain and save yourself from a watery disaster.

Cleaning a shower

How to clean a shower

Find out how to deal with stubborn water film on glass, how to clean a shower head and how to wash tiles to make your shower sparkle like it's new.

Shower maintenance

Shower maintenance

Cleaning your shower is a necessary evil. If you do it regularly (and properly), your shower will only need a light clean every time.

Shower head

Water efficient shower heads

The shower head you use dictates how much water you use. Just because a shower head is 'water efficient', it doesn't mean it's weak.

Shower water efficiency

Shower water efficiency

Changing a shower head to a WELS rated efficient shower head is a relatively simple and cheap step to take but the results can make a giant impact on your bills and the environment.

Framed shower

Shape, layout and positioning of showers

The available space in your bathroom will play a significant role in what type of shower you choose and where you put it.

Frameless shower

Wall and floor materials in showers

The types walls and floors in your shower will affect how much maintenance it needs, how long it lasts and how safe it is.

Different types of shower heads

Types of shower heads

The shower head you choose will make or break your shower in terms of how nice it feels.

A special needs-equipped shower

Special needs shower enhancements

Seats, handles, grab rails and special taps are all available to ensure that those with special needs can use showers with greater comfort and ease.

An anti-slip mat for showers

Anti-slip enhancements for showers and baths

If they're not set up properly, showers can be very slippery and dangerous. Find out more about how to slip-proof your shower stall.

A combined shower and bathtub

Shower screens and shower stalls

There are a surprising number of variations when it comes to shower screens - and an equal number of factors that are likely to affect your choice if you want one.

How to replace a toilet seat

How to replace a toilet seat

In most cases, replacing your toilet seat is an easy and relatively inexpensive task.

Toilet cleaning equipment

How to clean a toilet

For obvious hygiene reasons, cleaning your toilets is the most important part of maintaining a clean bathroom.

Toilet maintenance

Toilet maintenance

Cleaning a toilet is the least fun but most necessary part of cleaning a bathroom.

A dual flush toilet system

Dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilets make a big difference in terms of the water efficiency of toilets.

Water efficient toilets

Toilets account for over 20% of a household’s yearly water usage so by buying the most efficient toilet possible, you can make significant water and dollar savings.

How a toilet flushes

Toilet flushing performance

It’s almost impossible to tell how good a certain toilet will be just by looking at it. All kinds of factors affect how well a toilet flushes, including:

Toilet roll holders

The shape, function and location of your toilet roll holder will all play a part in how well it works.

A bidet


They're not common in Australia, but bidets are very popular in some parts of the world. Find out how a bidet works, what it's used for and how to have one installed in your home.