Bathroom design guide

Cistern (xray view)


The cistern is the top part of the toilet. They come in a range of capacities, and dictate how much water is flushed.

Toilet bowls

Despite the fact that 95% of toilets seem to look the same, there are a surprising number of different bowl and seat options.

How to clean vanities and cabinets

Cleaning your vanity is good for hygiene - it's also a way to prevent permanent stains, and to keep your bathroom looking good.

Vanity cabinet maintenance

Vanity cabinet maintenance

Once your new vanity's installed, you will need to look after it to preserve its appeal. Cleaning your vanity regularly is important not just for the sake of hygiene, but also to prevent long term staining.

Vanity cabinet materials and styles

Vanity cabinet materials and styles

Find out more about how to match the materials and overall style of a vanity to your bathroom.

Vanity size and position

Vanity size and position

One of the biggest issues - especially in small bathrooms - is how much space your vanity will take up.

Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets aren't found in all homes, but are still very popular and can add much-needed storage to your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors: types and styles

There are many mirror options to look into, including fog-proof (or 'fogless') mirrors and custom-cut shapes and sizes.

Types of basins

There are many types of basin to suit all types of tastes, needs and settings. Find out how to choose one for your bathroom.

Types of vanity cabinets

The type of vanity you choose for your bathroom will either improve or limit how useful your bathroom is.

Vanity, basin and mirror types

Types of vanities, basins and mirrors

The right vanity can turn a nice bathroom into a spectacular one. This is true when starting a new bathroom from scratch, but is even more obvious in renovations.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating uses heated water pumped through a network of pipes to radiators. It also works as under-floor heating.

Radiant bar heater

Radiant bar heaters (or strip heaters) produce a lot of heat very quickly, and are ideal for areas like bathrooms, where heat is required for short amounts of time.

Exhaust fans

Kitchens and bathrooms can become very steamy and stuffy, and powered ventilation fans are an excellent way of providing fast, effective ventilation to these areas.

Exhaust fans: size, speed and throughput

The size and speed of an exhaust fan can have an impact on its performance, but to choose a fan you also need to consider what it's going to be used for.

Bath checklist

Bath checklist

The Bath Checklist covers the issues you need to consider to ensure your bath is a comfortable and worthwhile investment. The checklist will save you time, hassle and money. Print it out, read through the site and keep it on hand when discussing bath choices with your builder, plumber or architect.

Shower checklist

Shower checklist

Installing a shower? Use the shower checklist to make sure you've considered all of the important things before committing to a choice.

Vanity cabinet checklist

Vanity cabinet checklist

If you're choosing a vanity cabinet for your bathroom, this downloadable checklist will help you to ensure that you're making the best choice for your needs.

How to unblock a toilet

A blocked toilet can be an awful thing, and knowing the right way to unblock one can prevent a bad situation from becoming much, much worse...

Shower and bath combinations

A very popular choice, and not a particularly difficult one to implement. Shower and tub setups are versatile and help to save space in your bathroom.