Bathroom design guide

Bathroom maintenance

Bathroom maintenance

If they're not maintained properly, your bathrooms can cause you all kinds of headaches. Find out how to properly care for your bathroom without wearing your fingers to the bone.

Timber sinks

Timber sinks are normally built using techniques borrowed from boat making. These types of basins offer a unique, custom finish, although care needs to be taken to ensure that they remain waterproof.

Sink and tap regulations

There are several regulations in Australia that affect how you buy plumbing products, how they need to be positioned in relation to other parts of your kitchen, and how they need to be installed.

Bathroom checklists

Bathroom checklists

The bathroom checklists are a collection of tools you can use to make informed decision when you're planning a new bathroom (or bits thereof).

Bathroom fittings checklist

The bathroom fittings checklist covers the issues you need to consider to ensure your fittings are appropriate and useful, and that they look good in your bathroom.