Decking design guide

Decks to increase living areas

Decks can be used as a simple way to extend living areas. 'Outdoor rooms' and patios are very popular, and are excellent places to comfortably dine and entertain outdoors.

Multi-level decks

Multi-level decks allow you to separate a deck into different areas for different purposes, or to create a particular structural feature to improve the look of your home.

Pool and spa decking

Decking and pools go hand in hand - and choosing the right sort of decking for your pool can not only make it look better, but also reduce the chance of injury from a slip or a fall.

Deck handrails and fencing

Beyond a certain height, decks in Australia must have handrails installed to help prevent accidental falls. Find out more about different types of handrail designs and decking fences.

Decking and pergola infills

Patterned, ornate wooden infills can either be used as roof cladding, or attached to pergola or gazebo walls to offer further shade or privacy - or simply to enhance the look of your pergola.

Spans, decking width and bracing

A variety of construction methods and measures can be used to add strength and structural stability to decking. Find out what's necessary, and how decks can be strengthened and reinforced.

Deck weatherproofing

Because your deck is a part of the exterior of your home, it's important that it's designed to bear the brunt of the weather for a long time. Find out more about effective weatherproofing for decking.

Decks with trees through them

We've all seen them and they're attractive and naturally shady - but what sorts of things do you need to consider when planning a deck that has a tree growing through it?

Deck and pergola footings and supports

The footings and supports used for your pergola will directly affect how stable it is. They will also determine how resistant it is to rot and termites, among other things.

Decking costs and prices

Not sure how much you should be paying, and for what? Find out what kinds of costs and expenses you're likely to incur building a deck, and where it's sensible to invest a little extra.

Screws and locking systems

Many products exist these days specifically to fasten decking. Some do it in a way that obscures the fasteners, others add extra strength, durability or weatherproofing.

How to restain a deck or pergola

Over time, decks may lose their colour and lustre. Find out how to choose the right stain for your deck, and safely restain it to the best effect.

Deck styles and materials

Deck styles & materials

The styles and materials used are what sets one deck apart from the rest. Find out more about popular deck styles, where they're suitable, and what sorts of materials are available.

How to choose recycled timber decking

Using recycled timber for your decking offers an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint, and to make use of well seasoned wood with an attractive patina.

Decking maintenance

Decking maintenance

Not all decks require that much maintenance. With wood plastic composite (WPC) decking and uPVC decking, for example, it's almost a matter of install-and-forget.

Do I need a council permit for a deck or pergola?

Depending on the type of pergola you intend to build, you may need to apply for specific permission to build. Find out when you're likely to need permission, and how to go about submitting an application.

Deck height and handrail regulations

Decks constructed beyond a certain height need to be built with handrails. The construction of the handrails is also regulated, to further lower the risk of an accident. See what's required for your decks.

Cyclone regulations for decks and pergolas

If you're planning on building a pergola in a cyclone prone part of Australia, it will need to comply with the cyclone code. Find out what sorts of cyclone proofing measures are required.

Bushfire regulations for decking and pergolas

Regulations apply in bushfire prone areas which may affect how you're allowed to build a pergola. Find out what regulations apply, and how they affect your plans.

How to clean and maintain composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking isn't the same as timber decking - and while it's likely to require far less maintenance than timber decking, it still needs to be cared for and cleaned properly to ensure that it lasts.