Door advice and regulations

Types of garage doors

There are various garage doors to select from, including variations on style, operating mechanisms, and materials. Choose the right type for your home.

Hollow core vs. solid core doors

In addition to the obvious price differences, there are some differences in terms of the way slab doors perform when compared with their hollow counterparts. See how these two types of doors compare.

What are the parts of a door?

What are the parts of a door?

Doors might seem like a solid rectangular chunk of material at first glance, but there are many bits to a typical door. Find out what these are, and what they're called.

How to choose doors

How to choose doors

The styles of doors you choose can a lot more than just looks - you'll also need to consider security, light, ventilation, ease of access, privacy and convenience, among other things.

Types of doors

From basic hinged doors to bifold doors, French doors, sliding doors, stable doors, trapdoors and more - learn about the many different types of doors that you can choose for your home.

Types of door materials

The materials your door is made of will affect both how they look, and how they perform in terms of climate control and security. See how different materials can be used to achieve different results.

Door and window design

Doors and windows are easily the weakest links in your home when it comes to passive design. Find out how you can control heat gain, heat loss and air infiltration through and around doors and windows.

How to paint a garage door

Repainting a garage door is a great way to update the look of a house and prolong the life of the door. To ensure an excellent finish, time must be taken for the correct prep work.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are made of large, horizontal panels that open by lifting up and moving into space below the ceiling. They come in a variety of materials and finishes.

Draught stoppers and weather strips

Draught stoppers and weather strips

The outside edges of an exterior door in particular can make a significant contribution to your home's overall energy efficiency. See how draught stoppers, weather strips and sweeps can make a difference.

Windows, doors and apertures

In most cases, adding a door or window to a wall isn't as simple as just cutting a hole. See how windows and doors affect walls.

Windows and doors in home theatres

The Building Code of Australia requires that all rooms - even home theatres - be built with a certain amount of window coverage. Find out how to comply with this rule.

Hinged doors

When you think of a door, the basic hinged door is almost certainly the type that comes to mind. Find out how they work, what options are available and where they are and aren't suitable.

Bi-fold doors

By offering a small concertina-like effect, bi-fold doors allow both excellent, careful use of available space, and the means with which to create a large entry into a space.

French doors

Popular for their ability to 'open up' a space and create a big entry or exit, french doors vary significantly both in their size, and in the materials they're constructed from.

Dutch doors or stable doors

Dutch doors are a convenient solution in a number of different scenarios - for controlling pets or small children, for instance, or for providing a serving area in a kitchen.

Stacker doors

Stacker doors allow massive openings in homes, letting you effectively open up an entire wall onto either a different part of the house, or onto a yard area.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors make excellent use of space, and allow significantly larger entryways than conventional hinged doors. 'Pocketed' sliding doors even allow you to conceal doors inside wall cavities.

Security screen doors

Security screen doors offer both a way to add an extra layer of security to the front door of your house, and to provide extra ventilation and sunlight when it's needed.

Tilt doors

Hinged tilt doors are commonly used for garages and sheds, and offer a simple and cost-effective way to create a large, accessible opening.