Door advice and regulations

How to choose garage and shed doors

Choosing the right garage and shed doors will not only ensure that these areas are functional and safe, but also allow you plenty of ventilation and light when it's needed most.

How to choose home theatre doors

Getting a home theatre just right is an art - one that requires very careful control over both light and sound. Find out how choosing the right doors can either make or break your home theatre.

How to choose a cat flap or dog door

Cat flaps and doggie doors can give your best friend some much needed freedom - but they can also have a big impact on your home's comfort and security. Find out how to choose the right ones.

How to choose custom doors

Regardless of where in your home you're installing them, there are a few things you should know when choosing custom doors. Find out what you should be looking for, and why.

Why won't my door close?

There are several things that can cause this problem, and accordingly, several ways to deal with it. Find out how to fix a door that either won't open, or is hard to close.

How to clean a lock

Stubborn lock? Key getting stuck in the keyhole? Locks can get dirty or rusted, especially if they're not used for some time. Find out how to clean and fix a dirty lock.

Door types and materials

Door types and materials

There are thousands of different types of door and material combinations, no matter whether standard or custom doors are required. Take a look to find out what your options are.

Special doors

Trapdoors, dog doors, fire doors, self-closing and soft-closing doors, and acoustic doors, to name a few. Learn about 'special' doors and the reasons they're used.

Door handle types

The type of handle on a door can make a significant difference to how the door can be used. Find out more about the relative merits of different sorts of door handles.

Types of door locks

Door lock technologies have evolved a lot in recent years. Find out what sorts are available, how they operate, and how the different types stack up against each other.

Energy efficiency and doors

Energy efficiency and doors

How much heat your doors retain and how much cold they let in through gaps will determine how energy efficient they are. Find out more about how doors affect efficiency.

Door regulations

Door regulations

In most cases you'll have plenty of freedom to choose and arrange doors - but in some circumstances - particularly if your house is also a business or a rental property - regulations do apply.

Door maintenance

Door maintenance

Doors generally aren't all that complicated - and fixing them isn't that hard. A little attention when and where it's needed will usually keep them in good working order.

Special keys

Special keys are any keys that vary from the conventional flat stripped key we're all familiar with. These can be cylindrical, magnetic, or electronically encoded for added security.

Door soundproofing and insulation

See how draught excluders, weather strips and door sweeps can be fitted (or retrofitted) to doors in order to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Heat transfer through doors and frames

Doors and door frames, if they're the wrong type, can easily let more heat in and out of your home than you might like. Find out what to consider when selecting external doors and frames for your home.

Door insulation

Not all doors are created equal - some will allow lots heat in or out of your home through the body of the door, and allow air to pass around the edges. Find out what makes for a well-insulated door.

How to fix a squeaky door

Squeaky doors are annoying - although thanfully, fixing them is normally very easy to do. Find out how to fix door squeaks, what sort of oil to use, and how to deal with the causes of squeaky doors.

Performance considerations for doors

Performance considerations for doors

What makes a door 'perform' well comes down as much to its suitability as it does to its quality. Find out how to plan for and choose doors that perform the way they need to.

Doors checklist

Doors checklist

Looking at choosing (or replacing) some doors? Have a look through our doors checklist to get a better idea of what you need to consider before you buy.