Energy efficiency

What are energy efficient windows?

An energy efficient window is one that helps to minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building. Technological progress in the last 25 years has made...

How to shade your home with a pergola

Pergolas can be used to provide excellent shade when they're positioned properly, which in turn can help reduce heat in homes and lower power bills. Find out how to plan pergolas for strategic shade.

Design an energy efficient kitchen

Kitchens are busy places filled with all kinds of energy-hungry appliances and specialised work surfaces. Find out what kinds of choices you can make to create a more energy efficient kitchen.

Battery storage is set to become commonplace in Australian homes.

Solar storage

Batteries capable of storing significant quantities of energy are set to become a major part of Australian residential power systems in the near future.

Energy efficient plumbing

A well designed plumbing system can offer significant water and energ

Draught stoppers and weather strips

Draught stoppers and weather strips

The outside edges of an exterior door in particular can make a significant contribution to your home's overall energy efficiency. See how draught stoppers, weather strips and sweeps can make a difference.

Double glazing

What are double glazed windows?

  • Reduces heat transfer very effectively
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Costs much more than single glazing
Low-e glass

Low-e glass

  • Improves solar and thermal control
  • Reduces UV transmission
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can reduce solar heat gain in winter
Window rating label

Window Energy Rating Scheme

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (or WERS, as it's known) is a system by which windows sold in Australia are independently assessed and rated according to their performance and efficiency.

Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows

Windows are often the biggest culprit when it comes to energy waste in homes. Find out why, and how to choose windows for better energy efficiency.

Thermal mass and windows

How thermal mass affects windows

A big part of planning thermal mass in your home is deciding where windows need to go in order to allow sunlight in. Read on to find out more about the relationships between windows and thermal mass.

Climate zones in Australia

Climate considerations for windows

Australia’s vastness lends itself to a broad range of climatic conditions ranging from the tropical weather of Cairns to the frosty conditions experienced in Hobart. How much energy...

Cold water diverter

Cold water diverters

In most plumbing setups, it takes a while for hot water to reach the hot tap when it's turned on. Cold water diverters recycle the cold water which would otherwise pour down the drain in this time.

MEPS and LCA labels

Find out what those labels and symbols on light globes actually mean, and how to interpret them to your advantage.

Daylight through a window

Daylighting requirements

The number of windows in your home and where you put them is restricted by rules designed to ensure a minimum amount of daylight in each part of a home. Find out how this is likely to affect your design.

Energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting

Lighting your home invariably involves energy usage - but with the right approach, you can drastically minimise the amount of energy you use, cutting both your power bills and your carbon footprint.

Energy efficient cooling

Energy efficient cooling

Energy efficiency is a genuine and serious concern when it comes to cooling. Some systems use far more than others - find out what's right for your needs.

MEPS label

MEPS labels and ratings for air conditioners

Air conditioners come with labels these days that indicate how efficiently they're able to cool (and to heat, if they're reverse-cycle models). Find out more about these labels and what to look for.

Cooling performance considerations

Cooling performance considerations

Finding the right cooling systems for your home is all about how your house is designed, how efficient you want it to be, where you live and how much you want to spend.

Energy efficient heating

Energy efficient heating

Different heaters produce different levels and types of heat, but they also consume different types of fuels. A good heating setup can cost very little to run, and will have little or no carbon footprint.