Home Design Guides: Floors

Which floors are easy to maintain?

The time you have to spend cleaning a floor and how well it copes with stains will directly contribute to your long term satisfaction with it. Find out how to choose the right floors.

Floor insulation performance

A properly insulated floor can help lower your heating and cooling bills, and reduce unwanted noise from wooden floorboards.

Choosing floors: health considerations

Choosing floors: health considerations

The type of material and finish that you use on your floors can have an impact on your health. Make sure you pick flooring that doesn't have an adverse effect on your well-being.

How to clean and repair carpet

Properly cleaning carpet on a regular basis is a good way to keep it looking fresh and new, and to keep allergens under control.

How to polish floorboards and parquetry

If your floorboards or parquetry floor are looking tired and worn, a good polish may be all that's needed to rejuvenate them.

How to reseal flagstone or slate flooring

Over time, slate and flagstone sealant will be scratched off and worn. Resealing your floor will help to restore it to its original glory.

Carpet ratings, classification and labels

When you're buying a carpet, ACCS star rating labels will help you to determine which carpets are best suited for your purposes.

Waterproofing for floors

Waterproofing for floors

An important part of building a bathroom is to ensure that floors and walls are properly waterproofed, to prevent rot and mould.

Bushfire regulations for flooring

Certain regulations apply to the way floors should be constructed in bushfire prone areas of Australia. Find out what you need to know.

What subfloor do I need?

What subfloor do I need?

There are a lot of factors that will affect what sort of subfloor your home uses. It's normally not so much a matter of 'choosing' a subfloor, but of what's right for where you're building, and what you're building.

Kitchen floors

Kitchen floors need to be able to take quite a beating - but they also need to be forgiving on your feet, knees and ankles. Find out what sorts of flooring options fit the bill best for use in kitchens.

Bathroom floors

Bathroom floors

There are many different ways to decorate a bathroom floor, but above all else it the floor must be waterproof, and slip-resistant.

Laundry floors

Laundry floors are very similar to kitchen floors in terms of demands, and because they're often next to each other these rooms often share a floor covering.

Living and dining room floors

Your choice of floor covering for the living room will depend on a number of considerations, but perhaps the most important aspect is comfort.

How to choose bedroom floors

Flooring in bedrooms, similarly to that for living rooms, needs to be comfortable and attractive to make the room feel inviting.

Garage and workshop floors

This is the floor where spills don’t matter, where dirty work is done regularly, where cars are fixed and lawnmowers are taken to pieces and reassembled.

Hallway and foyer floors

Hallway floors will see more use than most other parts of the house, so it's important that they're strong and resistant to wear.

Floor checklist

Floor checklist

Choosing new floors? Run through our checklist to make sure you've covered off all of the important considerations before you settle.

Floor insulation

Find out how effective under-floor insulation and concrete slab insulation is for conserving energy and keeping your home cool or warm.

Acoustic underlay

Acoustic underlays sit underneath floor coverings to prevent sound from being carried through to the floor below. They also help to reduce heat transmission, and make your floor softer to walk on.