Home Design Guides: Garage

Garage storage solutions

Garage storage solutions are about more than just keeping the place tidy – it’s an important part of maintaining safety in the home.

Types of garage doors

There are various garage doors to select from, including variations on style, operating mechanisms, and materials. Choose the right type for your home.

Carport prices

There are many costs to building a carport. Make sure you include all of them in your budget.

Carports versus garages

Do you need to build a carport or a garage? Both have many benefits.

Choosing a carport

All the information you need to selection the carport that right for your home and vehicle protection needs.

Standard garage door sizes

Garage doors come in a range of sizes, with many sizes considered 'standard'. Learn how to measure your garage and choose the right door here.

Wall storage

Make the most of your garage's storage potential - use the walls.

Overhead storage

A lot of space is wasted in garages, just below the ceiling. This article looks at how to make the most of this space with overhead storage.

Flatpack cupboards

For a quick, cheap solution for garage storage, flatpack cupboard units are ideal. Assembling should take less than an hour.

Freestanding metal shelves and cabinets

Sturdy and strong, metal shelves are ideal for storage in garages and workshops.

Bracket shelving

Brackets come in many shapes and forms. Find out how to choose the best ones for you and install them.

Wire shelving systems

Wire shelving systems are an affordable, easy-to-install storage option that readily adapts to your needs.

How to fix a squeaky garage door

Squeaking garage door driving you insane? It's time to lubricate the moving parts with help from our comprehensive article.

How to paint a garage door

Repainting a garage door is a great way to update the look of a house and prolong the life of the door. To ensure an excellent finish, time must be taken for the correct prep work.

Flex-a-door garage doors

Flex-a-doors combine the corrugated iron of a roller door with the movement of a sectional door, providing security without occupying much space.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are made of large, horizontal panels that open by lifting up and moving into space below the ceiling. They come in a variety of materials and finishes.

Garage lighting

Garage and workshop lighting needs to be bright and functional - not just for safety, but also for security.

Ventilation in garages, sheds and workshops

Garages, sheds and workshops, particularly those where dust, particles or sprays float around, may require extra ventilation to ensure your safety.

Garage and workshop floors

This is the floor where spills don’t matter, where dirty work is done regularly, where cars are fixed and lawnmowers are taken to pieces and reassembled.

Outdoor fittings and cabling

Electrical systems installed outside may be exposed to the elements, so it's vital that appropriately weatherproofed equipment is used. Find out what the law says about outdoor electrical fittings.