Kitchen design guide

How to deal with gas leaks

A gas leak is serious business - and is extremely dangerous anywhere in your home. Find out what steps to take if you suspect there is a gas leak inside your home.

Ovens and cooktops

How to choose an oven or stove

Gas or electric - or both? Conventional electric or induction? Self-cleaning? How much space can you spare? Find out what kinds of things you need to consider when you buy an oven or stove for your kitchen.

How to choose kitchen appliances

The cheapest appliances are rarely the best ones - but the most expensive aren't always going to suit your needs either... Find out what you should be looking for.

How to choose a rangehood

The rangehood you choose will largely depend on how big your stovetop is - and beyond that, how powerful you need it to be and what style you prefer. Read on to find out more about what to look for in a rangehood.

How to choose a microwave

When you're looking for a microwave, there are four main factors you'll need to consider: capabilities, capacity, power and style. Provided that you understand your own needs, choosing a microwave should be simple.

How to choose a fridge

Choosing a refrigerator is never easy - there are so many choices on offer and so many small differences - it's easy to get lost in the details. Read our guide to find out what's really important, and why.

Gas vs. electric vs. induction cooktops

There are several very different options available to you when you're choosing a cooktop. But how do they work, and what's the difference? Find out how each style of cooktop performs in practical terms.

How to choose a kitchen bench

Once your kitchen layout's been established, it’s time to choose a suitable benchtop; one that fits in with the aesthetic of the design, but more importantly one that's functional, suitable for your purposes and which makes preparation in the kitc

Kitchen drawers

How to plan cupboards and drawers

Having the wrong balance of storage space in your kitchen is likely to be an annoyance for years to come. Find out more about how best to plan your kitchen's cupboards and drawers.

Kitchen drawers

How to choose kitchen drawers

How many drawers will you have? What will you need them for - and where's the best place to put them? Will they be soft-closing? Find out what you need to consider when planning your kitchen drawers.

Modern kitchen

How to design a kitchen

The kitchen is the single most expensive and complex area when you're renovating or building a house - and clever design is easily the most important aspect of a good kitchen.

Design an energy efficient kitchen

Kitchens are busy places filled with all kinds of energy-hungry appliances and specialised work surfaces. Find out what kinds of choices you can make to create a more energy efficient kitchen.

Special needs kitchens

Special needs kitchens

There's a lot that can be done to design or retrofit a kitchen to make it more suitable and accessible for people with disabilities or special needs.

Child safe kitchen design

Kitchens can be a dangerous place for kids. Thankfully, there's a lot you can do - even with an existing kitchen - to make your kitchen a safer place for children of all ages.

Design a cheap kitchen

Design a cheap kitchen

Kitchens are often complex and fairly pricey to build and renovate - but there's plenty you can do to rein in the costs if you know what you're doing.

Outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design

The days of the old Aussie barbecue in the backyard have changed dramatically. Find out how an outdoor kitchen can transform your entertaining areas.

How to choose sinks and taps

How to choose kitchen sinks and taps

If you want a kitchen that doesn't drive you mad, it's crucial that your sinks, taps and drainboards are properly suited to the work you want to do with them.

Small kitchen ideas

Space is a precious thing in any kitchen - but in small kitchens it needs to be managed very carefully. Find out how to make the most of a small space for your kitchen.

How to choose a splashback

How to choose a splashback

Identifying the right splashback for your kitchen will involve a bit of thought about your budget, and of course about the style of kitchen you're building.

Splashback costs and prices

Splashback costs and prices

When you're shopping around for splashbacks, will need to be aware that there are many variables that can affect the cost - and some options are far more costly than others.