Kitchen design guide

Exhaust fans

Kitchens and bathrooms can become very steamy and stuffy, and powered ventilation fans are an excellent way of providing fast, effective ventilation to these areas.

Exhaust fans: size, speed and throughput

The size and speed of an exhaust fan can have an impact on its performance, but to choose a fan you also need to consider what it's going to be used for.

WELS labels and ratings

Water-producing bathroom fittings in Australia need to comply with basic water-efficiency standards. As a part of the WELS scheme, they are rated and given a label that shows how efficient they are.

WaterMark labels

The WaterMark certification label signifies that a plumbing product complies with certain quality and performance standards.

Distance between water and power points

Regulations in Australia restrict where you're able to position power points in relation to sinks and taps. Find out what the rules say, and how far your power points will need to be from your kitchen sink.

Kitchen floors

Kitchen floors need to be able to take quite a beating - but they also need to be forgiving on your feet, knees and ankles. Find out what sorts of flooring options fit the bill best for use in kitchens.

Wiring for larger appliances

While smaller appliances can be casually plugged in where they fit and moved around, larger 'roughed in' appliances like ovens will often need to be wired in directly, or even driven using 3 phase power.

Where to position electrical outlets

Find out how to decide where electrical outlets should be positioned, and what sort of factors will influence both how many you need and what type.

Soft closing door mechanisms or door checks

Not only can slamming doors be loud and intrusive, but it can also cause damage to the door hardware. Find out how soft closing door mechanisms work to prevent this.

Gas installation and use

There are special laws and regulations in place in Australia that control to how gas appliances should be chosen, who can install them and who can maintain them. Here's what you need to know.

Safe installation and use of gas appliances

If you're planning on installing a gas cooktop or other gas kitchen appliance, it's important that it's installed properly, and serviced regularly by a qualified gasfitter. Here's what to look for.

Water efficiency ratings for dishwashers

Dishwashers are typically rated using a star ratings system known as WELS. Find out more about WELS, and what makes for water efficient dishwashers.

Energy star ratings for electrical appliances

Larger electrical kitchen appliances typically come with star ratings to tell you how they perform in terms of energy efficiency. Find out how these ratings work, and what to look for.

Dishwasher installation guidelines and regulations

Because they use both water and electricity, there are certain rules and regulations that apply to how a dishwasher can be installed in your house. These exist to prevent damage to your house, and to keep you safe.

Cooktop and oven installation requirements

Cooktop and oven installation requirements

How your oven, cooktop and rangehood are installed (and who they're installed by) are fairly strictly regulated in Australia, for obvious reasons. Here's a run-down of the kinds of considerations that need to be met.

How to clean an oven

Cleaning an oven doesn't have to be a filthy, back-breaking chore if you do it right (and do it regularly). Find out more about how to clean your oven, and what you should use.

Bench regulations

Kitchen bench regulations

There are some fairly well-defined rules when it comes to how kitchen benchtops should be installed. Read more about what these are.

Bench size, height and weight

Find out more about how thick and wide kitchen benches should normally be - and how much overhang is normally incorporated. Learn more about how the weight of your benchtop will affect the rest of your kitchen.

Benchtop costs and prices

The materials you choose for your kitchen benchtop will affect the price both in terms of the cost of the bench itself, and in terms of the labour required to install it. Find out what you can expect to pay for different benches.

How to clean kitchen benches

Taking proper care of your kitchen bench will help to ensure it maintains its looks and stays in shape - but different bench materials need different care. Find out how to clean and care for your benchtop.