Kitchen design guide

Laminate benches

Laminate is incredibly popular - and not just because it's so affordable. Laminate is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and can be made in all sorts of shapes, patterns and colours to suit just about any kitchen.

Granite benchtops

Granite's not cheap and it does have its shortcomings (including a fair bit of maintenance), but it's highly prized for its looks, longevity and extravagance as a kitchen bench material.

An engineered stone benchtop

Engineered stone / quartz benchtops

Engineered stone (or composite stone, or quartz) benchtops are a type of man-made composite material. These types of benchtops are an affordable and greener alternative to granite and marble, for those who still prefer a natural stone look.

Timber benchtops

Timber has a uniquely 'warm' feel to it, is light, and can be shaped to suit any taste. Timber bench tops are prone to scratching, but they can also be sanded back and resealed fairly easily.

Acrylic benchtops

Acrylic benchtops are increasingly popular choice thanks to the creative freedom they offer, and thanks to the fact that they require very little in the way of maintenance.

Marble benchtops

Marble looks amazing, is durable, and is highly prized in high-end kitchens. Having said that, it also requires a considerable amount of care, and is far more expensive than most other options.

Kitchen cabinets or carcasses

Find out what kitchen cabinets are made of, how they're put together, what parts they involve, and what sorts of options you have when choosing cabinets for your kitchen.

Cabinet materials and veneers

These days, cabinets can be made from all kinds of materials - either as veneers or as solid materials. Find out more about the different options that are available, and some of the things you'll need to consider when choosing.

Standard height, width and depth of kitchen cupboards

Standard height, width and depth of kitchen cupboards

Sizes and dimensions are generally standard in Australia, however you can customise your kitchen to suit your tastes or requirements. To ensure that you're getting the right sized cabinets, it's wise to do the following:

Built-in appliances in cabinets

Having appliances built in can help to bring order to your kitchen - and goes a long way when you're really trying for a certain 'look'! Find out what sorts of appliances can be built-in, and what's involved.

Lazy susans & other specialty hardware

Revolving corner cabinets (also called lazy susan cabinets) are one of a few ways to make use of every inch of space in the corners of your kitchen cabinets, and to do away with 'hard to reach' spots.

Kitchen pantries

Pantries are a convenient way to store food in a kitchen. They can be built and arranged in any number of different ways - including as walk-in pantries and climate controlled pantries. Learn how to plan your pantry.

How to choose a pot rack

Racks to hang your pots from offer a handy way to keep your cooking utensils readily accessible. Having said that, they're better suited to some kitchens than others. Find out what's involved when choosing a pot rack.

Kitchen cabinet kickboards

Kick boards are the bottom face of your cabinets where they meet the floor. These can be constructed in a range of different styles, and as a small visual touch can make a huge difference to how your kitchen looks.

Under shelf lighting

Under-shelf and in-cabinet lighting

Localised lights in and under cabinets can make your kitchen a far safer and easier place to work. Find out more about how under-cabinet and in-cabinet lights could improve your kitchen.

L shaped kitchens

L shaped kitchens are a fantastic use of available space, can be as large or small as you choose and don't 'block off' any particular area. Learn more about this popular type of kitchen design.

Island kitchens

If space permits you can insert an island benchtop to create a separate work surface in the middle of the kitchen. Kitchen islands are great for larger areas, and can incorporate sinks, fittings and kitchen appliances.

Galley kitchens

Galley kitchens incorporate two parallel workbenches, and are the type you'd most likely find in a restaurant kitchen. These types of kitchens make good use of space, and are well suited to smaller homes.

U shaped kitchens

Also known as a C shaped kitchen or J shaped kitchen, these layouts help to define a nice kitchen area that can accommodate an island if necessary, and which perfectly fits the 'kitchen work triangle'.

G shaped kitchens

G shaped kitchens are similar to U shaped kitchens, but extend the benchtop part of the way around the fourth side of the kitchen as a kind of substitute for a kitchen island, creating loads of space in which to work.