Home lighting guide

Garage lighting

Garage and workshop lighting needs to be bright and functional - not just for safety, but also for security.

LED downlight globe

Light emitting diode (LED) light globes

LED globes, or 'solid state lighting' is fast becoming the lighting of choice thanks to its amazing efficiency and long life.

Standard incandescent globe

Standard incandescent globes (GLS)

Because they're extremely inefficient and have a poor lifespan, these types of globes are now being phased out in Australia.

Compact fluorescent light globe

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

These lamps are more efficient, readily available and burn far cooler that conventional incandescents and halogen globes.

Halogen downlight globe

Halogen globes

These types of globe offer bright, white light, which is ideal task lighting and fantastic as a reading light.

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes provide a cool, functional and relatively energy efficient way to light large spaces.

OLED panel lighting

While still a few years off, OLED lighting panels offer a great deal of promise as an artificial light source for the home.

Fluorescent light ballast


While not technically light bulbs, ballasts are a necessary hardware for fluorescent globes and affect the way they operate.

Will switching to different globes save you money?

Newer globe types may be cheaper to run, but they're also more expensive to buy. Is switching worth the effort?

Light mounting types

Different light bulb mountings are designed to work with different types of globes. Find out more about the different types..

Bayonet cap (BC) light mounts

These push-and-turn mount types are hold the globe in via small bayonet pins, and are very common in Australian homes.

Edison screw bulb

Edison screw (ES) mount

This mount type is also extremely common throughout Australia, and features a familiar screw-in mechanism.

Bi pin light mount

Bi-pin light mounts

These mounts are common for downlights, and are found in many homes as a result of the popularity of halogen globes.

Fluorescent tube light mounts

A variation on the bi-pin mount, these are designed for mounting fluorescent tube lighting.

Cable mounted light

Cable and rail light mounts

These types of mountings are particularly common for areas with high ceilings and where movable task lighting is needed.

Weatherproof fluorescent light mount

Weatherproof and underwater light mountings

Specially sealed mounts to prevent water from coming into contact with electric lighting circuitry.

Dimmer switch

Lighting controls and switches

Switches, dimmers and automated controls allow you to add many extra dimensions to your home's lighting design.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors

Allowing your lights to be controlled by motion sensors can save you money, and also make your home more secure.

Dimmer switch


Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of your lights, which can save you money and improve the look of your home.

Types of light switches

Light switch types

Many different types of light switch exist; some for the sake of safety or convenience, others simply because they look nice.