Home lighting guide

Light globes

Light globes and colour temperatures

Different globes give off different colours and 'temperatures' of light, which can affect the look and feel of your home.

Light shelf

Light shelves

Light shelves work on a fairly basic principle. A shelf is installed outside of a window, which reflects additional light back into a room. They are particularly effective for houses where eaves might otherwise reduce the amount of light entering a window at certain times of the day.

Energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting

Lighting your home invariably involves energy usage - but with the right approach, you can drastically minimise the amount of energy you use, cutting both your power bills and your carbon footprint.

Lighting checklist

Lighting checklist

Want to understand more about what goes into planning appropriate lighting? Download our lighting checklist to find out what sorts of things need to be taken into account.

Shower lighting

Depending on your shower screen or curtain, you may also need to consider how much light will be blocked.

Heat lamps

Heat lamps can be a good source of warmth for your bathroom, particularly in colder weather.

A motion sensor at night

Motion, light and climate sensors

Sensors are an vital part of any smart home. They can be used to detect intrusions, to tell when it's getting dark, and to establish the temperature, among many other things.

Timer switches

Timers are another way that automation systems can help to ensure that your smart home activates the necessary functions at the right time of the day.

Home theatre lighting

Getting the lighting just right will turn your home theatre from 'just another room' into a place where you can set the lights to create the right mood and establish a true cinema-like atmosphere.

A rail mounted light fitting

Light fittings

Light globes connect to your house's electrics through light fittings. Read about how fittings work, the different types that are available and where they should be positioned.

How fluorescent globes work

How fluorescent globes work

Ever wondered how these empty-looking tubes of glass manage to provide so much light? Read our back-to-basics explanation of how fluorescent globes work.

Lamp recycling made easy

The electrical industry is making the most of an Australian Government initiative that aims to increase the recycling of mercury-containing lamps. How can you get involved?

What you need to know about LEDs

LEDs are undoubtedly the future of lighting, says Philips Lighting’s Phil Compson. But there are things that you need to know to achieve the full benefits of the technology.

How to comply and conform with the new lighting requirements

Lighting installers at any level should be aware of the need to comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in both commercial and residential installations.

Ventilation and lighting regulations

While insulation is vital to controlling the climate in your home, laws also exist to ensure that fresh air and light are available throughout new houses. Find out what these rules are, and how they relate to insulation.

LED emergency lighting

The rapid growth of light emitting diodes (LED) as an alternative to incandescent and fluorescent light sources is having a significant impact on the lighting industry, particularly emergency lighting.

How to achieve the full benefit of LED lighting

LEDs are undoubtedly the future of lighting, says Philips Lighting’s Phil Compson. But there are things that you need to know to achieve the full benefits of the technology.

The pros and cons of LEDs

LEDs have come a long way from once being used in small electronic devices, to now being used to create extraordinary effects at events and concerts. This technology has now advanced to the point where this form of lighting can be used for everyday purposes in and around the home.

Under shelf lighting

Under-shelf and in-cabinet lighting

Localised lights in and under cabinets can make your kitchen a far safer and easier place to work. Find out more about how under-cabinet and in-cabinet lights could improve your kitchen.