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Outdoor lighting guide

Security, safety and function should all play a role in the way you choose to design your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design

The days of the old Aussie barbecue in the backyard have changed dramatically. Find out how an outdoor kitchen can transform your entertaining areas.

Growing edible plants in containers

For those with limited space or difficult conditions, growing edible plants in containers is an ideal solution. With containers, you can make the most of a small space, have complete control over the soil composition, and provide the optimal amount of water.

Landscape lighting

Landscape and garden lighting

Good landscape and garden lighting can do amazing things for the way your yard looks at night.

Outdoor audio

Having an audio system that lets you pipe music out to your backyard is fantastic, but requires a bit of careful planning and the right equipment.

Outdoor fittings and cabling

Electrical systems installed outside may be exposed to the elements, so it's vital that appropriately weatherproofed equipment is used. Find out what the law says about outdoor electrical fittings.