Home Design Guides: Plumbing

Types of baths

We all know what a bathtub is, but you might not realise how many different types and styles there are to choose from. Find out more about bathtubs.

What do plumbers do?

Everyone knows plumbers work with pipes - but most people don't realise just how many pipes there are hidden around their houses, and how important their functions are to so many things.

What does plumbing involve?

Plumbing is much more than just fixing leaky taps. Find out what sorts of things plumbing involves, and what aspects of your home require a plumber.

How is plumbing installed in houses?

Find out what steps are required to install the plumbing in your home - from the design stage all the way through to testing and compliance certificates.

What is plumbing?

What is plumbing?

Find out more about what plumbers actually do, why it's important to use a plumber, what kind of work plumbing involves and what plumbing's needed for new homes and renovation projects.

Emergency plumbing repairs

Emergency plumbing repairs

Need some help with plumbing? Got a leak and not sure what to do? Don't panic - here's some quick how to handle various different sorts of plumbing emergencies.

How to deal with gas leaks

A gas leak is serious business - and is extremely dangerous anywhere in your home. Find out what steps to take if you suspect there is a gas leak inside your home.

How to hire a plumber

Depending on the work you need done, you may need to give a little thought to who's going to do plumbing or gasfitting work in your home. Read our guide on how to choose the right plumber.

How to fix a leaking tap

How to fix a leaking tap

Most of the time, if a tap in your home is leaky, dripping or hard to close it's the result of a broken washer. While it's possible that your leaking tap's a 'washerless' tap (i.e. one with a ball, cartridge or ceramic disc mechanism - see the 'Types of taps' article linked below), it's a lot less likely that these taps will be leaking like this. You can usually tell if you have a ceramic disc type tap because it'll only need a quarter or half turn to fully open the tap.

Energy efficient plumbing

A well designed plumbing system can offer significant water and energ

Hot water performance considerations

Performance considerations for hot water systems

Getting the right hot water system for your particular needs is impor

Cold water diverter

Cold water diverters

In most plumbing setups, it takes a while for hot water to reach the hot tap when it's turned on. Cold water diverters recycle the cold water which would otherwise pour down the drain in this time.

Bore water

Bore water and hard water

Bore water may be a huge convenience in remote locations with unreliable rainfall, but it can also cause damage to plumbing systems. See what needs to be taken into account.

Traps, drains and wastes

Traps, drains and wastes

Also called drains and plugholes, wastes are the grills through which water is drained as it leaves your bathroom. Find out what variations exist for wastes.

How to choose a shower head

How to choose a shower head

The business end of the shower. Shower heads are often the most decorative aspect of a shower, as well as being vitally important to the shower's functionality.

Types and styles of taps

Types and styles of taps

Taps can come in matching bathroom sets, but can also be mixed and matched to great effect.

Unblocking a drain

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains in your kitchen are no fun - but thankfully they're not too difficult to deal with. Read our guide on how to unblock a drain and save yourself from a watery disaster.

A bidet


They're not common in Australia, but bidets are very popular in some parts of the world. Find out how a bidet works, what it's used for and how to have one installed in your home.

Toilet bowls

Despite the fact that 95% of toilets seem to look the same, there are a surprising number of different bowl and seat options.

How to unblock a toilet

A blocked toilet can be an awful thing, and knowing the right way to unblock one can prevent a bad situation from becoming much, much worse...