Home Design Guides: Regulations

Building on reactive soil sites

Building on reactive soil sites

The condition of the soil where you plan to build is a very important factor that will affect the stability and structural integrity of your home.

Carpet ratings, classification and labels

When you're buying a carpet, ACCS star rating labels will help you to determine which carpets are best suited for your purposes.

Waterproofing for floors

Waterproofing for floors

An important part of building a bathroom is to ensure that floors and walls are properly waterproofed, to prevent rot and mould.

Bushfire regulations for flooring

Certain regulations apply to the way floors should be constructed in bushfire prone areas of Australia. Find out what you need to know.

Noise regulations

Noise regulations

For the sake of keeping neighbourhoods happy, there are usually restrictions in place on how much noise you can make at given times. Learn more about noise regulations and how these relate to home audio.

Energy ratings and labels for TVs

Because of the vast differences in power consumption between different display technologies, TVs now come with energy star ratings. Learn how to read the labels, and what to look for.

Windows and doors in home theatres

The Building Code of Australia requires that all rooms - even home theatres - be built with a certain amount of window coverage. Find out how to comply with this rule.

Wireless internet laws

Wireless internet laws

Wireless Internet is very popular, but there are rules relating to how it can be used - and connecting to your neighbour's access points may get you in a lot of trouble.

Roof regulations

Roof regulations

If you live in a bushfire or cyclone prone area, special regulations affect how your roof is built - and likewise for many other conditions. See what regulations affect roofs.

Chimney and flue height regulations

There are regulations that dictate where you can place a chimney, both in relation to your own roof and the roofs of neighbouring properties. Find out how this applies to your home.

Roofs and cyclone codes

If you live in an area of Australia that's prone to cyclones, chances are that your home will need to be constructed to comply with the local cyclone code. Find out what this involves.

Roofs and bushfire codes

If you live in a bushfire prone area, your roof will need to meet special requirements in terms of the way it's constructed. Find out what this means for your home.

Requirements for attics

Attics are fantastic either for storage, or to add an extra room or study to your home. Find out exactly what's required in terms of ventilation, weatherproofing, wiring and safety.

Height and position of power points

Regulations exist in Australia to ensure that power points (or GPOs) are installed safely and sensibly. Learn more about where power points should be installed.

Appliance testing and tagging

Under certain circumstances, portable appliances in homes need to be tested and tagged to ensure that they don't pose an electrical safety risk. Find out when testing and tagging must be carried out.

Rebates for solar panels

State and federal governments currently offer significant rebates for solar electricity installations. Find out how these are regulated, how the rebates work, and what you're entitled to.

Safety switch laws and requirements

The law in Australia now requires that all homes be fitted with safety switches (also called residual current devices or RCDs). Learn more about why, and how they work.

Outdoor fittings and cabling

Electrical systems installed outside may be exposed to the elements, so it's vital that appropriately weatherproofed equipment is used. Find out what the law says about outdoor electrical fittings.

Standard door sizes

Find out how regulations affect the sizes and shapes of the doors you install in your home, and why these regulations exist.

Fire door regulations

Fire doors are an important safety measure, and are required in homes used for commercial purposes, like those which feature a storefront or bed and breakfast setups.