Home Design Guides: Security

Types of doors

From basic hinged doors to bifold doors, French doors, sliding doors, stable doors, trapdoors and more - learn about the many different types of doors that you can choose for your home.

Types of door materials

The materials your door is made of will affect both how they look, and how they perform in terms of climate control and security. See how different materials can be used to achieve different results.

Safety glass

Safety glass requirements

Windows bring natural light and fresh air into our homes as well as offering views that connect the inside to the great outdoors. However, window related accidents and security...

Security lighting

Security lighting

Lighting plays an important role in most home security systems, and is a relatively cheap and effective deterrent.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors

Allowing your lights to be controlled by motion sensors can save you money, and also make your home more secure.

A motion sensor at night

Motion, light and climate sensors

Sensors are an vital part of any smart home. They can be used to detect intrusions, to tell when it's getting dark, and to establish the temperature, among many other things.

Home automation and security

Automated security systems are normally an integral part of a home automation system. Find out how they work, and what sorts of technologies they employ to keep your home and family safe.

Security screen doors

Security screen doors offer both a way to add an extra layer of security to the front door of your house, and to provide extra ventilation and sunlight when it's needed.

Dog doors, cat flaps and pet doors

Often it makes sense to attach a small door to your home, not only for your pet's convenience, but also to save you the trouble of letting then in and out. Find out more about dog doors and cat flaps.

Deadbolts, deadlocks or deadlatches

Deadbolts - also called deadlocks or deadlatches - are heavy duty locks that can't be rotated without a key. These locks are most commonly used on exterior doors for added security.

Key-in-knob and key-in-lever locks

Door knobs and door levers, especially those designed for external use, often feature a keyed lock and barrel mechanism. Find out more about these types of door locks and how they work.

Keyless entry locks

As technology progresses, different varieties of keyless locks are becoming increasingly common. Find out more about the different types of keyless locks that are available, and how they work.

Door latches and chains

Latches and chains on doors are simple devices designed to fasten the door closed from one side. Door chains also allow for the door to be safely opened a bit.

Door security

External doors in particular are the front line of defence for your home. See what factors affect a door's ability to make your home safe and secure.

How to choose a front door

The front door to your home is as much a statement of welcome as it is a security and insulation measure. Find out what sorts of things you should consider for the front door of your home.

How to choose a back door

The back door you choose for your home may be simple, discreet and secure, or it may serve as a way to open your house up so that your living areas blend into your back yard.

Door types and materials

Door types and materials

There are thousands of different types of door and material combinations, no matter whether standard or custom doors are required. Take a look to find out what your options are.

Types of door locks

Door lock technologies have evolved a lot in recent years. Find out what sorts are available, how they operate, and how the different types stack up against each other.