How to get the most out of your solar system

Want to make sure your system's set up at its absolute best, and always giving you as much as possible? Here's a guide to ensuring your solar system's always working its hardest for your home.

Wind and solar rebates

The Australian federal government provides rebates for people who install renewable energy systems for their homes. Find out how these work, and what you're likely to be entitled to.

Solar panel designer / installer accreditation and warranty support

In Australia, there are certain laws and regulations that exist to ensure that only accredited tradespeople do certain parts of an installation. Find out who needs to install your solar system, and why.

Energy retailers, distributors and paperwork

There's a bit of bureaucracy and paperwork involved when it comes to feeding wind power back into the grid. Learn which parties are involved, what role they play and what's required on your end.

Turbine type and supply capacity

One of the most important aspects of harnessing wind power is how effective your turbine is for the wind conditions around your home, and for your power needs. Learn about how different types of turbines perform.

Position and height of wind turbines

Where you put your wind turbine and how high it is in relation to things like trees and houses will have a big impact on how effective it is. Read on to find out more about the right positions and heights.

Wind speed, cut-in and cut-out

Most wind turbines have a cut-in and cut-out speed at which they're able to start generating electricity. Find out more about how this works, and at roughly what wind speeds these points normally occur.

Noise and aerodynamics

Because they consist of rapidly moving parts, there's inevitably some noise involved with wind turbines. But how much noise can you expect - and what design factors are likely to contribute to or reduce it?

Lifecycle assessments of home wind turbines

Not all micro turbines will generate enough wind power to provide for your entire house - and some will be serious overkill. See how different systems perform, and what's likely to be the most efficient choice for you.

Wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance

Since keeping the blades turning freely is what gives turbines power, you'll want to ensure that yours is as clean and efficient as possible. Good maintenance and regular inspection will definitely help with this.

Solar power checklist

Solar power checklist

The solar power checklist is a big help if you're considering installing solar panels. It tells you the many things you need to know, including things that your supplier mightn't mention.

Energy efficient hot water systems

Energy efficient hot water systems

The hot water system you choose will make a huge difference to how much energy you use. Read on to find out what kind of system is the most efficient for your situation.