Window buyer's guide

Types of windows

Types of windows

Different styles and sizes, different glazing techniques and different framing materials make your choices practically limitless when it comes to windows. Find out more about your choices here.


Glass & glazing

Well chosen window glass can help you maintain year round comfort and reduce demand on artificial heating and cooling in your home. Find glass and glazing options to suit your home.

What are energy efficient windows?

An energy efficient window is one that helps to minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building. Technological progress in the last 25 years has made...

Bedroom window

Choosing the right window size

Well planned windows improve year-round comfort and reduce the need for artificial heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. The size of your windows and which...

Door and window design

Doors and windows are easily the weakest links in your home when it comes to passive design. Find out how you can control heat gain, heat loss and air infiltration through and around doors and windows.

Window orientation and placement

Orientation and placement of your windows is just as important as the frame and glass that you choose. When deciding where to place your windows it’s beneficial to consider...

Styles of windows

Styles and types of windows

There is an incredible range of home windows available to suit nearly any function and personal aesthetic choice. Review the common window styles available.

uPVC windows

uPVC windows

  • Long term durability
  • Great thermal performance
  • Limited colour range
  • Darker colours fade over time
Composite windows

Composite windows

  • Interior colour flexibility
  • Good thermal performance
  • Low maintenance for aluminium component
  • Can be expensive
Double glazing

What are double glazed windows?

  • Reduces heat transfer very effectively
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Costs much more than single glazing
Low-e glass

Low-e glass

  • Improves solar and thermal control
  • Reduces UV transmission
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can reduce solar heat gain in winter
Laminated glass

Laminated glass

  • Harder to break
  • Reduces noise
  • Cuts down UV transmission
  • Exposure to water can cause deterioration
Toned glass

Toned glass

  • Reduces heat and glare
  • Reduces cooling costs
  • Improves privacy
  • Decreases visibility and light
A roll of window film

Window film

Film (also commonly known as tinting) is an effective and affordable way to keep heat out and also helps to reinforce your windows for safety.

Window rating label

Window Energy Rating Scheme

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (or WERS, as it's known) is a system by which windows sold in Australia are independently assessed and rated according to their performance and efficiency.

Compliant windows

Do your windows comply?

All Australian windows and doors must meet minimum requirements under Australian building regulations. To ensure they can withstand Australian conditions...

Safety glass

Safety glass requirements

Windows bring natural light and fresh air into our homes as well as offering views that connect the inside to the great outdoors. However, window related accidents and security...

Window installation

While it’s most likely your windows will be installed by a professional, there are a number of precautions it’s useful to be aware of during this process.

Window care

Pre-installation care for windows

When building or renovating a home, your windows will often need to be stored securely prior to installation. Windows can be an expensive building component, especially...

Window maintenance

Window maintenance

Like any other part of your home, windows need regular care and maintenance. Over time with exposure to the elements, windows can deteriorate if they aren't properly cared for.