Horizontal sliding windows




Horizontal sliding windows 

Horizontal sliding windows provide plenty of ventilation and take up very little space.

What are horizontal sliding windows?

Horizontal sliding windows are one of the most popular window styles seen in Australian homes. They are available at a low cost and in a wide range of sizes. One large horizontal window can cover the same amount of wall space as two alternative window styles, cutting costs even further. The frames can be made from different materials such as aluminium, timber or uPVC with double glazing also an option.

Horizontal sliding windows have a number of design advantages. They are easy to operate and make an ideal choice when external space is limited by decks, pathways or neighbouring buildings. With no external protrusions it is also easy to add insect or security screens.

Window operation

Horizontal sliding windows are mounted horizontally to slide past each other. They can be single sliders - where either the left or right sash is moveable but the other is fixed in place, or they can be double sliders - where both sashes slide.



Window ventilation

Ventilation of horizontal sliding windows is easily controlled from the smallest of gaps to large openings easily achievable. The large opening area of these windows provides great ventilation however only half the window can ever be opened.


Are horizontal sliding windows energy efficient?

Sliding windows are not as resistant to draughts because of the way they seal, therefore reducing your home’s energy efficiency. Hinged windows have compression seals, usually made from rubber or vinyl, and close tightly against the frame whereas sliding windows use brushed seals which can allow unwanted air to leak through.

  • Reduce air leaks by selecting windows with tight seals around the entire frame.

How to weatherproof

The bottom section (or sill cavity) of horizontal sliding window frames tends to fill with water when it rains so it’s important to make sure there is adequate water drainage. This can be achieved with sufficient drainage holes in the frame.


Maintenance tips

Sliding windows are easy to maintain by using a brush or vacuum to remove any debris. Usually, one part is removable to allow cleaning of both sides of the window glass from inside your home.


Common horizontal sliding window problems

Very narrow or small sashes tend not to slide freely because of low weight and short distances between the rollers or slides. As a guide, look for a height to width ratio of 2.5:10 for smooth window operation.

  • Low cost option
  • Simple operation
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Easy to install security or insect screens
  • No internal or external protrusions
  • Low maintenance due to few moving parts
  • Prone to drainage issues
  • Less resistant to wind and water infiltration