Hot water regulations and rebates

Because hot water systems normally operate on electricity or gas and heat water to scalding temperatures, there are some fairly important safety regulations in place.

Likewise, because they have the potential to consume so much power, there are also rebate schemes in place to encourage people to move to solar hot water, and measures in place to force the eventual phase-out of inefficient electric tank hot water systems.

Hot water system regulations

Hot water system regulations

Find out what regulations apply to different types of hot water systems, and how those regulations affect the way your system is selected, installed and maintained.

Temperature and pressure valve on a hot water tank

T&P valves and discharge pipes

All tank storage hot water systems must be fitted with T&P (temperature and pressure) valves and discharge pipes. Find out how these parts work and what role they play.

Thermostatic valve

Position and output temperature restrictions

Find out how regulations in Australia dictate where and how you position your hot water system, and at what temperature water must be stored and released from your taps.

Temperature zones in Australia

Hot water rebates

If you're planning on installing a hot water system that uses solar energy, chances are you're eligible for a big government rebate. Find out more about rebates and how to claim them.